Wim Hof US Tour 2018

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In this one-of-a-kind event, let Wim take you on a personal journey deep into his groundbreaking method.

If you’ve ever wanted a science-backed, heart-centered approach to improving your mind, body, effectiveness, and performance, this is it!

Come along and learn how to:

Master your energy levels

Feel energized within minutes

Reduce stress & feel more relaxed

Boost your body’s alkalinity for super fast recovery

Unlock the power of your mind

With his singular, hypnotizing voice, Wim will explain the 3 pillars of his method – the breathing technique, cold exposure, and mindset – what led to its birth, and the science behind it all.

There will be a breathing session to break up the day and the event will be capped off with a voluntary ice bath! Online viewers are encouraged to set up their ice baths at home and follow along!

Join Wim for this special event and learn to unleash your inner fire.

Class Details:

Part 1 – Wim’s Introduction, Physical Exercises, Breathing Technique – 150 Minute Session

Part 2 – Science – 60 Minute Session

Part 3 – Mindset, Preparation and Ice Bath – 90 Minute Session

Q&A Session – 60 Minute Session

SIZE: 4,5 GB

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Wim Hof US Tour 2018
5,50 $
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