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Vincent Dignan Secret Sauce The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide

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Vincent Dignan Secret Sauce The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide

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Vincent Dignan – Secret Sauce: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide

Tired of bullsh*t marketing and growth hacking books that don’t give you any f***ing idea what you have to do to get users/traffic/revenue?


A step-by-step tutorial guide teaching you methods for getting users, traffic, and revenue to your website, startup, or brand, fast. This Indiegogo is an extension to the campaign which raised over $60,000 from nearly 800 backers, the most successful growth hacking product ever on a crowdfunding platform. If you’re looking to get more users/traffic/revenue to your platform, this guide is for you. SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, sales, the perfect landing page, and lots more.

Secret Sauce is a step-by-step, systematic dismantling and dissection of every channel and practice that actually works, laid out one after another. It’s a guide that will handhold you all the way to getting traffic, users, and revenue. Our goal with this book and course is that someone who knows absolutely nothing about marketing could sit down, follow the instructions, and make what they’re doing blow up. We’ve done this before – a lot. Our combined efforts account for millions of monthly pageviews, millions of social followers, millions of emails, millions of dollars in revenue — no matter how you slice it, this stuff just works. We’ve tried hundreds of growth hacks in order to give you only the methods we know will work. Most everything you’ll read is something anyone can do with a little bit of effort, and which requires very little (or zero) marketing budget. By the time you finish this book, you will not only have a dozen ideas about different strategies that can help your idea succeed, but you’ll know exactly what it takes to implement each one of them.  

Secret Sauce will give you the tools you need to execute growth hacking strategies in a wide range of environments—but I have another goal in sharing it with you. 

As many have pointed out to me, I could keep this information to myself and make more money from clients- but I truly believe we’re all better off if we share the knowledge and grow our companies together. As such, everyone who donates anything will be invited into a private growth hacking group on Facebook, where we’ll create an ongoing community to help each other with our digital marketing and startup growth problems. I wish there had been a group like this when I was on welfare and starting out on my company three years ago, rather than having to learn it all by trial and error. There’ll be no links or spam in the group, just questions, answers, and discussions from and to the community around this area which has so little useful information. This will make sure that the learning will continue after the campaign ends.   \'tlysd61psv4pfvrg7haw\'   Those of you who have followed me for a while know that when give a talk, I love to go big—ridiculously big—in offering as much value as possible. We’ve created several different backer reward levels with lots of rewards for each bracket.  

Tier 1 “GROWTH HACKER” will receive:

A digital copy of the seven-part growth hacking book. – Entrance to the secret growth hackers’ club on Facebook – Thank you page in the book. Exclusive content and backer updates  


The best package we’re doing. Get this package for an insane amount of bonuses and content: – A digital copy of the seven-part growth hacking book – Entrance to the secret growth hackers’ club on Facebook – A voucher for the 20+ hour Udemy course walking you through the book, including screencasts so you can follow step-by-step how to perform many of the strategies we talk about in the book. The video course will be sold on Udemy, 3 courses for a total v – 1x ticket to a free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “Growth hack your content marketing strategy” – 1x free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “How to get rich and internet famous (Hacking sales and personal branding)” – 1x ticket to a free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “Growth Hacking live: Boost your startup in real-time” (updated version of the talk which was voted best at SXSW V2V 2015) – Entrance to private Q & A with authors Austen Allred and Vincent Dignan – Thank you page in the book – A special “What we learned from our Kickstarter campaign” Google Hangout (or some similar platform) with both authors, Vincent Dignan and Austen Allred – A Kickstarter exclusive “Kickstarter: Behind the Scenes/What we learned” mini eBook.  

Tier 3 “Masters” (very limited numbers) will receive the below:

EVERYTHING in the“Serious about growth” package plus: – 1 or 4 Growth hacking brainstorm/sessions from Vincent Dignan via Skype, pending the package chosen – An audit of your website/app, social channels and SEO by Vincent Dignan Social media shoutouts to over 100,000 people on Twitter EVERYTHING in the“Serious about growth” package.     Tier 5 (very, very limited numbers) will receive:


This is UBER limited. Only 5 will ever exist. Spend a FULL day with Vincent Dignan (10am to 6pm) SOLO, meaning no one else, just you and Vincent Dignan in your offices with your team. Build a growth engine, discuss community management techniques, create a full content marketing strategy, learn how to completely automate your social media processes, anything!