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✔️ How to do market research on steroids: I’ll show you can conduct market research for any audience in any niche in under 9 minutes. This means finding their inner & unspoken desires and pains – the golden nugget when it comes to writing copy. You’ll know what makes them tick.


✔️ An easy way to write killer copy for the niche you have 0 interest in: I had to write copy for the most brutal niches. I still wrote a masterpiece and inside I’ll show you how I did it.


✔️ EXPLAINED-IN-DETAIL: A-list copywriter Eugene Schwartz’s concept 90% of copywriters aren’t aware of.


✔️ What are markets & submarkets and which niche to choose to almost guarantee success. Most rookie copywriters fail because they choose a niche where copywriting can’t be applied.


✔️ How to make market research do itself: Using a very popular website that is free to use and where you can find any niche you image. It takes less than 3 minutes to do.


✔️ How I let others do the research for me: An easy task you can do to avoid studying and understanding complex processes. This will blow the minds of copywriters who write for the health niche.


✔️ A way to turn boring features into benefits your reader can’t resist: Yes features over benefits. Everybody is yapping about that. But how can you turn the boring features into desirable benefits – this is what they don’t tell you. Either because they don’t want you to know or they don’t understand it themselves.


✔️ Principle Palpatine way to use emotions to your advantage: The same “dark” way I used to sell digital products, weight-loss products, and make my friends do things they would normally never have.


✔️ See-in-action example of how to nail an advanced copywriting principle even if you’re a complete noob: Make skeleton dance is going to become a piece of cake once you see how it’s really done.


✔️ An intro into human nature and how you can use it to corner your reader to buy your products: The darkest secrets of human nature – usually unspoken – revealed inside.


✔️ An easy tweak you can make to your copy, to make your readers glued to your copy: This really is just a tweak that won’t take longer than 5mins.


✔️ The step-by-step system to assemble the perfect copy: It doesn’t matter what type of copy you write – funnel copy, sales page, product page, emails… it will work for any format (inside DR marketing).


✔️ Nowhere to be found headlines from one of the greatest copywriters Jay Abraham that brought millions in revenue. Straight from my headline swipe file, I use it for my copywriting clients to beat their current controls.


✔️ Headline templates (fill in the blank) that work for 99% of the niches.


✔️ My PUSH-PULL method to turn even the biggest haters of the product into raving fans.


✔️ [Step-by-step] How to easily handle any objection with your copy.


✔️ A weird method to combat writer’s block: You will forget what it’s like to not know what to write about.


✔️ BONUS I: A special training program for everybody who wants to go from a complete newb to a paid copywriter.


✔️ BONUS II: A very important mindset switch you need to make in order to succeed at copywriting and sales. Without this, you can say good-bye to your copywriting career.


✔️ BONUS III: How to create a swipe file (2 ways)


✔️ BONUS IV: How to get in the mood to write killer copy (it never fails)


✔️ BONUS V: 8 most important human-nature-based Life Forces that you can use to persuade readers, friends, and family (from the Cashvertising book)


✔️ BONUS VI: Resource database – a filtered list with great copywriting info.



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Van Vizovisek – Become a Jedi Copy Master Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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