Trevor Bell – TikTok Mastery

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How To Leverage TikTok




What You Get:


How to figure out your inner superstar within


– Understanding your unique talent or interest



How go differentiate yourself from everyone else on social media


– Market analyzing (ie. Is it too saturated?)
– How can you differentiate?



How to set up your Tik Tok account for success


– Creating your account
– Picking a username
– Difference between Personal Account to Pro Account
– Understanding Analytics



How to utilize High-level music and effect tactics to create viral content


– Using in app music
– Using in app effects
– Using in app filters
– Text Overlays
– Setting thumbnails



How to properly use hashtags and viral music to boost your content to viral status


– Finding trending hashtags and challenges on the discover page
– Utilizing “add to favorites’ feature to save trending concepts and popular music



How to get and negotiate with brands and Sponsors to earn thousands a month


– Brand Deals
– TikTok Influencer Campaigns
– In app Campaigns
– Making money with LIVE (1,000 follower minimum)
– Virtual Gifts



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Trevor Bell – TikTok Mastery
5,50 $
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