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How I Generated 108 Sizzling Hot Prospects For My Lead Gen Agency For Less Than 65c Per Lead

WITHOUT Cold Calling, Cold DMs, SEO, Linked In Or Wasting A Ton Of Money On Paid Ads

“Copy & Paste” my proven formula for generating qualified leads for your lead generation agency… even if you’re a complete beginner!

No Eye Tricks Here, You’re Reading This Right…

442 leads in the last 4 weeks at an average of $1.32 AUD per lead!

Now let me ask you this…

If you had this number of qualified leads being generated every week for your agency… How likely do you think you would be to convert at least SOME of these prospects into high-paying clients?
Well lets break it down together…
Lets say you generated 100 of these leads each week (EASY)…
And lets say you booked 20% of these leads for a call/appointment/demo (which equals to 20)
And then lets just theoretically say you close 1 out of 3 calls that you take (33% is the industry standard close-rate)
That would mean you’ve closed around 6 deals for the week (Rinse and Repeat the next weeks too)
Now lets low-ball it and say you only charge a setup fee of $500 (Total low-ball)…

This would mean you’ve added $3,000 to your agency in a week! (And that’s just the upfront payments!)

When the recurring piece comes into play this stacks up to huge amounts of monthly income…
If it was again $500 but monthly recurring… Well two words for you… Compound effect
These numbers are theoretical of course… We haven’t accounted for the fact that…

1) Your retainer may be higher

2) Your close ratio might be stronger
3) Your follow up process might be more effective
4) You might generate more than 100 leads in the week
But you get the picture… The ROI you can generate from the Agency Leads-On-Demand Toolkit is nothing short of insane


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