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Uncover The Simple & Easy Dieting & Fitness System Tom DeBlass & Dozens of His Students Have Used To Become One Of The Most Fit Teams In BJJ. You’ll Never Feel Hungry & You’ll Only Work Out For 3 β€œEasy” 15 Minute Workouts Per Week

Tom DeBlass is one of the most trusted & highly regarded figures in BJJ. He has won the ADCC Trials 3x as a competitor, he has won the No Gi Worlds at Black Belt Masters, and he has had monumental back and forth super fights with some of the best no gi warriors on the planet; guys like Joao Assis & Roberto β€œCyborg” Abreu.. He has a thriving school with over 300 students in New Jersey which some of the best fighters in the planet travel to -in order to train with him and seek his counsel. In addition he coaches one of the best teams in the country, his seminar schedule is booked 2 years out and he is unmatched in performing the job he cares most about by a mile – being a wonderful husband and a great dad to his 2 small children.

While we are sure about all of the information we listed above – it can be verified just by looking through his Instagram posts – the only question we aren’t sure of is whether Tom actually owns a shirt πŸ™‚ – Haha, he certainly does, but he doesn’t wear them much when he takes his kids to the beach, pool, or water park or if he’s training no gi – which is his specialty. He’s proud of how he looks and he should be – he’s absolutely jacked at 35 yrs old, he has abs and he has the body that most any 30s, 40s or 50s year old father would kill to have.

When it comes to metabolizing food, some people can just do it much better than others. Well Tom DeBlass isn’t one of those guys. When he was a UFC and Bellator competitor he would work out 6-8 hours a day, eat like a monk and kill himself cut 30 lbs to cut 30-40 lbs to make weight and while he looked good – you wouldn’t have been sure that he was a professional athlete- he had the kind of body that gets fat just looking at food – the kind of body that blows up to 280 lbs within retiring from MMA. This might be the type of body that you have.

Fast forward nearly a decade and Tom is retired from MMA, he works out 45 minutes to an hour a week (total time in the gym over 3 workouts a week including rest periods – not each workout) – . He walks around now 40 lbs heavier than his mma weight but he looks better than he did – much better. He has the body virtually any dad would want aside from the bodybuilders who are (ahem) much more aggressive with their supplements and live ridiculously rigid and unenjoyable lifestyles.

Tom is never hungry, doesn’t work out with weight that much, runs a 300+ person school, can’t prepare elaborate meals with his kids jumping all over him, and is in and out of airports all the time traveling to seminars. How the hell is he so fit with bulging muscles and abs without being genetically gifted and having all of these time constraints?

Tom Has An Amazing System – Tom is a bright guy – he had a learning disability growing up and he decided to go to college to help kids overcome their disabilities just as he had. Before becoming a Grappling and MMA star his job was teaching special education classes. He’s not a quick learner, so he needs to go deep into subjects to learn them. But once he’s studied much deeper than many ever would, he has a deeper knowledge than most anyone else. He learned what his enemy was – carb addiction.

You Will Receive A 150 Page E-Book And 2 Full DVD’s/Digital Videos Of Content

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Tom DeBlass – Ripped In 12 Weeks Intermittent Fasting and Easy Bodyweight Fitness Contents: Videos, Docx


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