Tom Cormier – Marketplace Mastery 2.0

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The new and improved, all-in-one course on growing a profitable Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping business in 2021 and beyond


Learn over-the-shoulder as Tom (eCom Tom), teaches you everything he knows in this 10+ hour class, transforming the way you use your Facebook account. You’ll leave the class with a fully operational Facebook Marketplace dropshipping store, and a new set of lifelong eCommerce skills.






Marketplace Fundamentals


Learn the end-to-end skills of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping, from securing the shipping option to finding all of the best suppliers. During this part, Tom reveals his top 15 verified Dropship suppliers list.





Listing High-Profit Items


In the second part of the class, Tom demonstrates his techniques for choosing hot selling products. He teaches you how to ensure that the products will continue to sell over time with substantial profit.





Developing Your Store


In Part 3, Tom guides you through his systematic process for developing a semi-automated Facebook Dropshipping store. You’ll finish the class with a scalable opportunity and high-income potential.








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Tom Cormier – Marketplace Mastery 2.0 Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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