Todd Valentine-Valentine University 2.0

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Introducing the Daygame Accelerator

…designed to cram TWO YEARS OF INTENSE GROWTH AND PROGRESS into 60 days of real-world action-taking and permanent skill-building.

Contents 16 live seminars with Todd

What you’ll learn…

– Inner Game, Confidence Creation And Approach Anxiety Elimination

– Authentic “Thoughtless” Opening in the Daytime

– Sexual Hooking, Calibration and Deep Attraction

– Solid Number Closes and Easy Insta-Dates

– Good Vibes, Sex and Making Her Chase

– Logistics and Effortless Pulling from Daygame

SIZE: 10,4 GB

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Todd Valentine – Daygame Accelerator Contents: Videos


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Todd Valentine-Valentine University 2.0
5,50 $
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