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Team Avenik Avenik Instagram Course

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Team Avenik Avenik Instagram Course

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Team Avenik – Avenik Instagram Course

The most complete Instagram course to date | taught by Team Avenik



Course Curriculum

Module 1 – First steps to virality & starting your IG account 62:41

Lecture 1⎜1.1 – Determining Your Profit Niche FREE Lecture 2⎜1.2 – Finding Your Hardcore Fans FREE Lecture 3⎜1.3 – Securing Your Account From Hackers FREE Lecture 4⎜1.4 – Ranking Up High In Instagram’s Search Engine Lecture 5⎜1.5 – Finding the perfect username Lecture 6⎜1.6 – Optimising Your Bio To Generate More Leads Lecture 7⎜1.7 – Your Killer Profile Picture  

Module 2 – How to create viral content and be consistent 55:32

Lecture 8⎜Module 2 Introduction Lecture 9⎜2.1 – The HQ Picture Trick That Gets You Seen Over Your Competitors Lecture 10⎜2.2 – How To Make Your Posts Stand Out Above Others Using These Format Tricks Lecture 11⎜2.3 – The Viral Content Method That Will Get You Seen By Millions Of People Lecture 12⎜2.4 – Writing insanely converting captions Lecture 13⎜2.5 – Creating a High Converting Thumbnail For Your Videos Lecture 14⎜2.6 – The importance of being consistent Lecture 15⎜2.7 – The Best Times To Post So You Can Skyrocket Your Growth  

Module 3 – The power hashtag strategy 40:04

Lecture 15⎜Module 3 introduction Lecture 16⎜3.1 – The Hyper Power Of Hashtags Lecture 17⎜3.2 – How To Leverage The 18 Different Types Of Hashtags For Your Account Lecture 18⎜3.3 – How To Find Hashtags That’ll Blow Up Your Account Lecture 19⎜3.4 – The Best Way To Create Your Hashtag Sets Lecture 20⎜3.5 – How To Make Your Hashtag Go Viral

Module 4 – Hacking Instagram’s algorithm 28:50

Lecture 21⎜Module 4 introduction Lecture 22⎜4.1 – Cracking Instagram’s Algorithm Lecture 23⎜4.2 – How To Use The Data Instagram Collects To Your Advantage (part 1) Lecture 24⎜4.3 – How To Use The Data Instagram Collects To Your Advantage (part 2)

The Goodness Scoreâ„¢

Module 5 – How to boost engagement and hack growth 50:16

Lecture 26⎜Module 5 introduction Lecture 27⎜5.1 – The Explosive Power Of Engagement Groups Lecture 28⎜5.2 – How To Explode Your Account’s Growth & Engagement With These Comment & Like Hacks Lecture 29 | 5.3 – How To Get Into DM Engagement Groups Lecture 34⎜5.4 – How To End Up At The Top Of Your Followers Feed 24/7! Lecture 35⎜5.5 – How To Grow Your Account Using These Shoutout Strategies Lecture 36⎜5.6 – The One Thing You Want To Always Avoid Lecture 38⎜5.12 – The (Live) Stories Hack

Module 6 – The account killers 15:44

Lecture 39⎜Module 6 introduction Lecture 40⎜6.1 – The Automation Nightmare And How To Prevent It Using This Simple Trick Lecture 41⎜6.2 – Which accounts to AVOID at ALL COSTS Lecture 42⎜6.3 – The Abundance Of Ads Nightmare Lecture 43⎜6.4 – The Most Stupid Thing You Can Do To Your Account Lecture 44⎜6.5 – The ‘I Engage Too Much And It Hurts’ Mistake

Module 7 – Monetisation 65:28

Module 7 Introduction Create your webmail AWeber, Broadcast and Follow Up AWeber Sign Up Tracking Using Clickmagick Clickmagick Sign Up Create a Funnel And Find a Product Onlinesales Pro Sign Up Monetize with Shoutouts