Tantric Life Academy – The Art of Tantric Massage

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Module 1: Tantra 101 & Module 2: Tantric Massage

This is where you’ll learn what tantra is all about and how it can help make your sex life next level sexy & sacred.

-What is Tantra?

-Merging Spirituality & Sexuality

-The Tantric Secret

Module 3: Holding Space

In this module, you’ll discover all the things which make a tantric massage empowering (safe, sexy, & sacred) for both the giver and the receiver. You’ll also get an overview of the 3 tantric pillars and we’ll teach you an exercise that will transform the way you view your body and the world.

-How to change the vibe from basic to sacred

-The art of holding space

-Cultivating a tantric mindset

Module 4: Lingam (penis) Massage & Module 5: Yoni (vagina) Massage

This is where things get really juicy!

In these 2 modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know to give a mind-blowing tantric massage. This includes a step by step yoni and lingam massage in action.

-Yoni/Lingam Massage Introduction

-Step by Step Tutorial

-Full Yoni/Lingam Massage Video

Module 6: Full Massage Videos (Uninterrupted)

This won’t be PG and we won’t be teaching you on cucumbers and peaches: The instructional videos are real & raw, with classy closeups in HD quality so you don’t have to guess what’s going on down there

SIZE: 2,4 GB

Tantric Life Academy – The Art of Tantric Massage Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs


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Tantric Life Academy – The Art of Tantric Massage
5,50 $
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