Strategyzer – Master Business Testing

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What You Get:


Module 1

Introduction to Testing


  • Upgrade your mindset from executing business plans to de-risking business ideas
  • Become familiar with a systematic testing process
  • Discover the importance of testing systematically, whether in startups or established organizations





Module 2



  • Ask yourself, what needs to be true for your business idea to work and capture them as testable hypotheses?
    Prioritize and refine hypotheses, and set yourself up for testing success





Module 3



  • Choose the right experiment, for the budget you have, and the type of hypothesis you’re testing
  • Design experiments that produce strong evidence





Module 4



  • Capture evidence in an efficient manner as you collect it
  • Draw useful insights from a mix of qualitative and quantitative data





Module 5

Take Action


  • Apply four types of action to progress your business idea: collect more evidence, move to the next important hypothesis, pivot or kill your idea.





Module 6



  • Use the Progress Board to track who’s doing what
  • Use the Innovation Scorecard to quantify how much risk you’ve reduced





Module 7



  • Use the pitch template to tell a story about what you’ve learned and suggest a path forward for your idea





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Strategyzer – Master Business Testing Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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