Sofia Sundari - Yoni Yoga


Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari reveals Yoni Yoga: A sacred 5 week online journey into your liberated sexuality through mastery of the Jade Egg practice

For the erotic you: Feel aligned with your erotic nature, Learn to claim your sexuality and heal traumas, Feel connected to yourself.

For the orgasmic you: Have deep ecstatic orgasms, As well as breast-gasms, Give amazing pleasure to your partner with your vaginal muscles alone.

For the sacred you: Learn how to create a sacred space, Come into alignment with your true self.

For the powerful you: Feel confident as a woman, Feel energized on all levels, Boost or harmonize your sex drive, Work on reflexology zones in the vagina.

For the feminine you: Learn to embody your feminine side in daily life, Feel the intuition of your Yoni, Discover the part of you that knows surrender.

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Sofia Sundari – Yoni Yoga Contents:  Videos, Pdfs, Audios


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