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SocialBee SocialBee University

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SocialBee University

Social Media Workshops Online

‘Become a Skilled Social Media Specialist’ with our Workshops and Training. This course has enjoyed
huge popularity and appreciation among young professionals and entrepreneurs.



So that this type of reaction is a thing of the past when it comes to
your marketing efforts on Social Media and beyond. 

Let’s change this, shall we?

Whether you want to become a marketer, copywriter, content writer, freelancer or an entrepreneur or already are one, you need to stay up-to-date and become a skilled Social Media Specialist. 

Become A Skilled Social Media Specialist

Online Course and Community by SocialBee

Our Social Media and Marketing Professionals are here to

help you learn how to master Social Media and discover how to:

Write engaging copy on Social Media

Understand target audiences and Buyer Personas

Know how to create Buyer Personas

Use the right copywriting formulas

Write according to the latest marketing trends

Understand that there’s more than meets the eye to conquer Social

Use the right tools and approaches that would make things easier

Understand how you can use Paid Ads to your advantage

Get the additional skills needed to be able to start freelancing

How do we manage to do all this?

At SocialBee we believe in training and coaching our bees (as we call our colleagues) to become the best at what they do, including copywriting, understanding Social Media best practices, and more. 

And because we’ve experienced amazing growth and development due to our Training and Coaching Programs and Social Media Workshops, we’ve decided to take things a step further and help others become as good as we are when it comes to Social Media. 

Why? Because here's what else we believe:

Training Modules

All modules are recordings of previous live sessions.

Module 1

Buyer Persona
  • (120 min)

Module 2

Copywriting for Social Media
  • (113 min)

Module 3

Intro to Ads
  • (120 min)

Module 4

Content Types/Ideas
  • (120 min)

Module 5

Branding on Social Media
  • (120 min)

Module 6

SocialBee Intro
  • (120 min)

Module 7

Social Media Toolkit
  • (120 min)

Module 8

Intro to Freelancing
  • (120 min)