Sexting for the Modern Man – Jack Jones

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How to Seduce Women through the Magical Power of Text Messaging

And have her gladly surrender herself to you!

Listen to what other guys have to say;

“A daring and innovative guide that reveals a rejection-free way to attract beautiful women” -Scott Helm

“Jack Jones shows men everywhere how to level the playing field and start winning with women. Renewed the passion in my sex starved marriage.” -Peter Leedom

“The most useful resource on how to seduce women without the risk of rejection” – Michael Griswold

Inside this powerful (but strangely controversial) guide, you’ll discover:

– How to make a girl like you (using only text messages and without the risk of rejection!)

– How to text a girl so she HAS to respond to you (the When, Why and Where of texting…)

– EXACTLY what to text a girl you like to make her wild with desire for you (even if she has rejected you in the past!)

So you can finally start winning with women the way you want to.


The subject matter revealed here is how to seduce women. Inside its pages are explicit conversations so you can see for yourself how willingly women are seduced by its methods. If sexual conversations or reading about women willingly surrender themselves is offensive, do not get this guide.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to attract women without any effort,

If you want to seduce women and feel her willingly surrender herself to you,

This guide is for you.

Since it only has what you need, you can have it read in an afternoon.

Then the fun begins.

Think of a woman you want to get into bed. Imagine her now, and see her resistance melting before you as she gradually gives in to your desire and willingly surrenders to you.

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Sexting for the Modern Man – Jack Jones Contents: Epub


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Sexting for the Modern Man – Jack Jones
5,50 $
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