Scott Welsh Making The Leap Learning To Trade With Robots

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Scott Welsh Making The Leap Learning To Trade With Robots

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Scott Welsh – Making The Leap Learning To Trade With Robots

Making The Leap: Learning To Trade With Robots

Have you ever felt curious about trading with robots? Have you ever wondered if that’s really a viable option? Have you ever dreamed of making money trading while living your life doing something else? If you have, then you’re just like I used to be. This course shows you how to make the leap from staring at a computer screen to trading for a living using automated strategies. There are benefits you may not know, and real obstacles that could prevent your success. And there are tips and tricks you need to be a successful robot trader. In this course, you’ll find over 30 short videos on a variety of essential subjects. When you’re done, my goal is that you’ll be ready to add automated strategies to your trading repertoire. I’m a full-time robot trader. I want robot trading in your life, too.   \'8fc68a91-f920-4df1-8086-fdbe89125d1a_large\' Course Overview:  

Making The Leap To Robot Trading

  • What If It’s True?
  • The Robot Is Better Than You (Guess What? It’s Better Than Me, Too)
  • A Robot Can Help You Quit Your Job
  • Do You Really Have A System? A Robot Tells You The Truth
  • Do Automated Strategies Make Money? (Warning: Angry Rant)

The Problems With Robot Trading

  • The Psychological Problems With Running Robots
  • The Operational Disadvantages Of Running Robots
  • The Difficulty Of Going Through Drawdown With Robots

The Magic Of A Robot Portfolio

  • What One Robot Can Do
  • The Power Of A Portfolio

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Tradestation Robot (IMPORTANT)

  • Step 1: How To Import Your ELD And Your Tradestation Workspace
  • Step 2: How To Set Your Customized Session Times (MANDATORY)
  • Step 3: How To Set The “5 Second Rule” (MANDATORY)
  • Step 4: How To Turn Your Robot On And Off (MANDATORY)
  • How To Save Your Workspaces And Do A BackUp
  • How To Restore All Your Data If You Lose It Or Suffer A Computer Crash

Everything You Need To Know About Operating Your Tradestation Robot

  • What To Do In Case Of Emergency
  • How To Monitor Open Positions
  • How To Close Open Positions
  • How To Check To See If You Have Enough Margin (For Forex)
  • How To Track Your Trades

What Platform Should You Use?

  • Choosing Between MT4 And Tradestation

The Latest Updates

  • The Latest Updates Right To Your Inbox

FAQ And Important Tips

  • IMPORTANT! Only Use Tradestation Version 9.1 (As Of October, 2015)
  • Should You Use A Virtual Server For Your Tradestation Robots?
  • How Often Should You Check On Your Robots?
  • Run Your Robot In Simulated At First
  • Should You Turn Off Your Computer Over The Weekend? (Plus Real Life Case Study)
  • Should You Ever Turn Your Robots Off?
  • Can I Run Robots On A Mac?
  • Should I Turn Off Updates, Sleep Mode, Etc.?
  • Canceling The Dreaded Dangling Order
  • How To Change Trade Sizes In Your Robot
  • What To Do When Everything Looks Right But No Trades Are Being Taken

The Amazing Offer

  • The $2,000 Robot “Guarantee”

What’s The Next Step?

  • How Much Do My Robots Cost?
  • What To Do Next
  • Want To Set Up A New Account? (Contact Justin)

Bonus Section – New Items & Questions From Course Members

  • How To Hire A Programmer

Extra Videos (Webinars, Blog Posts, Etc.)

  • From Nowhere To Five Billion
  • What’s The Best Month To Trade Robots?
  • The (Temporary) Agony Of Defeat
  • Trend-Following With A Twist

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