Sasha Pua,Alan Roger Currie, Badboy – Direct Dating Summit (Audio)

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This product isn’t like anything you’ve ever heard, read about, or seen before. And here’s the best part— it’s easy to learn and brought to you by four of the most successful and result – driven dating coaches in the world.
This is the most direct path for men who want unlimited options with women. One by one you will eradicate your fears and never look back as you approach women with ease and get more sex than you ever dreamed of.
If you’re sick and tired of being dominated by your fears with women – wondering why you aren’t getting laid while less impressive guys are – then this message will slice through the beef …and give you the direct answers you’ve been looking for.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been rejected by hundreds of women, and you dread each embarrassing moment of approach anxiety you feel, and get too nervous to tell a girl how bad you really want her.
Here is your ticket out of depressing nights alone and onto the fast-track of…
Direct Dating Domination
And that’s just for starters…
Because here’s some really good news…
This method is connect-the-dots simple. And there are no outrageous promises here…
…if you follow the steps we lay out for you, chances are you’ll soon be oozing with magnetic confidence…
…dating new women regularly, attracting women whenever and wherever you want…
…while your self esteem continues to skyrocket faster than you ever thought possible!
The facts don’t lie: Direct game has created more attraction than any other approach in all of history. The most successful men in the world all swear by up-front sexual honesty.
And for years, we’ve been turning regular men who were dominated by fear into full-blown ladies men, almost overnight.
Many of our former students left the game completely and enjoy super-hot sexual connections with the girlfriend of their dreams.
Now 4 World-Class Seduction Coaches Are Going To Take You By The Hand And Coach You To Having Unlimited Sexual Options
My name is Sasha, and I’m here with my colleagues Alan Roger Currie, David X, and Badboy. Between us, the number of men who we’ve helped transform into direct dating dynamos span into the thousands.
Recently, we’ve teamed up to bring you a 2 day mega-intense workshop designed to permanently install a razor-sharp seduction skill set directly into your mind (with as little effort as humanly possible.)
Skeptics say our methods eradicate fear and instill magnetic confidence at the same time. Continuing student success stories prove we’ve helped more men succeed with direct dating in history.
Have you heard our personal stories? Or maybe you’ve read about us before …
Alan Roger Currie, Bestselling Author of Mode One:
Let The Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking
Since publishing his bestselling book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, in March 2006, Alan Roger Currie has become one of the most highly sought after dating advisors and interpersonal communication consultants in the world.
Currie’s philosophies and principles have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Essence magazine and Black Enterprise. Currie has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows and local, regional, and national television talk shows in the USA.
Currie is also the host of the popular talk radio podcast show, Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie as well as a

regular relationship columnist for the and a contributing dating coach to and Currie’s Mode One teachings have helped thousands of men of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds all across the world get in the habit of expressing their romantic and/or sexual desires with women in a manner that is more highly self-assured, upfront and straightforwardly honest.
Badboy, World Renowned Pickup Artist
Considered by many to be the best direct pickup artist on the planet, Badboy was one of the first people ever to teach live training programs (bootcamps) to students.
Since he first entered the pickup community, Badboy and his company, Badboy Lifestyle, have taught literally thousands of men how to confidently approach, talk to, and seduce women without the need for bullshit.
Badboy is known for his ability to transform even the most novice students into direct game masters in an incredibly short period of time. By breaking down negative beliefs implanted by society and replacing them with more powerful, useful beliefs, students quickly discover their inner seducer.
From there, he teaches everything from how to stop women on the street, all the way to how to get a woman in bed with you.
Sasha, Professional Comedian & Dating Coach
Sasha is one of London’s top dating coaches as well as a professional standup comedian who has spent over a decade entertaining audiences all over the world. His fun, lighthearted direct approach to meeting women has brought him massive success time after time. Sasha is particularly well known for his ability to create amazing interactions with any women, anywhere.
As a dating coach, Sasha is highly sought after by men of all ages and abilities. He is known for his talent for completely eliminating any fear guys have of talking to women. Additionally, his skill for quickly improving his students overall ability to meet and attract the girls of their dreams has completely transformed the lives of hundreds of students all over the world.
We remember what it was like to have no options with girls ….very little sex … and endless lonely nights of frustration. And, together, we combine decades of experience in helping men suffering through “dating deficiency” to blast out of their shell and experience women on a whole ‘nother level.
A truly once in a lifetime event took place on Nov 20th and 21st in London, Europe’s dating capitol. Now, we strive to re-create this event again and again, in cities all across the world.
If you are one of the thousands of men who would like to become more honest and upfront with women … I invite you to join us at one of our live seminars… or at the very least in our Direct Dating Summit Forum!

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Sasha Pua,Alan Roger Currie, Badboy – Direct Dating Summit (Audio)
5,50 $
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