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Ryan Stewman – The Phone Funnels


“Master Salesman Confesses…”

His Multi-Million Dollar Phone Selling Strategies

Find out how he gets hundreds of people per day begging him to get on the phone with them

…just so they can buy his products!


Mobile is not the future, it’s NOW.

The world’s richest company, Apple, made over a a trillion dollars from mobile sales. The world’s richest man, Carlos Helu, made his billions from mobile. Even third word countries are getting revolted against because their citizens now have mobile communication devices. If the richest person and richest company are both profiting from mobile, who are you to ignore the trend? It’s pretty easy to see that mobile advertising is the future. Even Kim Kardashian earned $80 million in royalties from her mobile app in 2015. The mobile revolution is alive and well.

What are YOU doing to cash in on the mobile selling trend?

I can tell you what I’m doing, and what you need to do as well. You need to take over the the phone. I’m talking mobile domination. Your websites, squeeze pages and business needs to be mobile optimized. If it isn’t, you’re losing 92% of your prospects.   Think about it, when you’re on your phone and a site doesn’t load in two seconds, you go back to what you were doing. If you’re on your phone and you can’t read a site, you click off it. We spend our lives staring at our phones, if it isn’t convenient and easy, we don’t engage. The same habits you have on mobile are the same habits your prospects have too. I’ve spent the last 2 years organizing the exact tools you need for your arsenal of weapons to take over people’s phones. No matter what you sell, these tools are essential for the survival of your sales business in the very near future. Adapt or die.   I’ve got a collection of apps that are absolutely essential to everyone in sales in today’s day and age. Without these tools, your funnels will fall apart and one day soon, be very obsolete. I’ve created the only system with the proper tools to advance your sales skills and funnels way beyond what your competition is doing. I created a program that has helped me and countless others make massive gains and easy sales all from the palm of people’s hands, and often times without voice calls. With my system, you’ll be so far ahead of the competition, they won’t even be able to figure out how you’re sniping their prospects. Introducing…     \'boxesfinal\'      


    MODULE 1 – THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PHONE In this module I’ll cover the evolution of communication and how the phone plays a major role in the future of sales.   MODULE 2 – THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PHONE You’ll learn and easily create mobile friendly sales funnels that convert no matter what you sell.   MODULE 3 – MOBILE APP FUNNELS I’ll show you the single most powerful tool that allows you to be on people’s phones, right in front of their eyes, every day.   MODULE 4 – MOBILE ADS You’ll learn and create ads on several social media channels using my proven, 4 step, mobile ad campaigns.   MODULE 5 – ORGANIC MOBILE MARKETING You’ll learn the top 10 apps you need on your phone in order to maximize your mobile experience and run your business from the palm of your hand.   MODULE 6 – PHONE FOLLOW-UP METHODS Learn how I personally call, prospect and follow up using the phone, including phone calls   MODULE 7 – CATCH My five step formula for increasing your closing ratios and holding gross on powerful sales calls   MODULE 8 – RE-TARGETING LEADS Learn how to turn my app funnels, mobile funnels, and your blog, into an online re-targeting machines