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Ryan Rodden – Rock N’ Roll Rich Snippets


Rock N’ Roll Rich Snippets

The Ultimate Structured Data Tune Up



The ultimate roadmap to structured data, rich snippets, and

Class Curriculum


Updates, New Features, & Tips June 27 – New Job Search Structured Data Results & Google Biz Post in Knowledge Graph (5:21)

Introduction Let’s Rock (20:07) Understanding the Knowledge Graph (7:30) Google Trends Exercise (8:45) Introduction

   Navigating the Dreaded (2:44) The Full Hierarchy (14:24) Extensions – What Are They? (7:25) – Understanding Properties – Very Important! (10:21) – Understanding “Expected Type” – Also Very Important! (9:12) Types of Code Used to Create Structured Data (11:24) Google Structured Data Guidelines (7:27)

Building JSON-LD Code Let’s Build Some Code with JSON-LD (11:05) Building JSON-LD Continued (15:10) How to Use JSON-LD Brackets (9:51) JSON-LD – Common Errors That’ll Drive Ya Nuts (11:32) How to Perform a Knowledge Graph API Lookup (11:43) Let’s Take a Look at WikiData (8:15) MusicBrainz – Another Semantic Example (2:01) Interesting & Unique Properties (13:41)

LocalBusiness Walkthrough LocalBusiness JSON-LD Code (7:07) Adding LocalBusiness Markup to Your Site (13:31) Let’s Code – OpeningHours (8:15) Let’s Code – ContactPoint (8:34) Where the Action Happens (8:28) Marking Up Multiple Departments (3:21) How Do I Mark Up a LocalBusiness with Multiple Locations? (17:18) Weird & Possibly Outdated Search Console Errors (2:39)

Recipe Walkthrough Recipe Guidelines (11:56) Recipe Code Build (14:03) Recipe Results in SERPs (2:16) Recipe Results with Image Over Time (0:51)

Event Walkthrough Examples, Guidelines, and Walkthrough (7:45) Creating Your Event Code (11:12) Example Results in Google (1:04) Example Results in Google – Refreshing Dates (0:49)

Products Product Guidelines (16:33) Let’s Code – Building a Product (11:52) Product SERP Results (1:35) April 10th Product Snippets Image Announcement (3:02)

Articles Article Guidelines (12:23) Building the Article Markup (9:07)

Pushing the Boundaries The Way I Think About Structured Data (10:09) “Hybrid Mutant” Schema (7:41) Imposter! (4:35)

Encore – Tips & Bonuses Crunchbase Semantic Associations (4:31) How to Get a DF Link from (1:17) Recommended Resources (2:38) WordPress Security Tips (14:25)

    Link Redirect Trace Plugin (2:39) Google Structured Data Partner Only Features (3:12) Google Patent Reading Tips (3:50) The Pity Link Method (4:17) Social Media Tools – Copromote & Quuu (4:09)

Final Bow Is 90% of Available Currently Useless? (11:49) The Final Secret – How to Get a DF Link from the Home Page of Wikipedia (3:47)