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Ross Minchev Lead Gen Affiliate

Ross Minchev Lead Gen Affiliate

Ross Minchev Lead Gen Affiliate

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Proven Ways to Six Figure Campaigns
No cloaking, no customer service, no product sourcing, and nothing shady
Leadgen Affiliate
  •  Master buying high-quality traffic
  •  Gain Consistency in your affiliate campaigns
  •  Learn how to test to find winning offers
Introducing the Lead Gen Affiliate™
This program was designed to teach White Methods and take a newbie to super affiliate in 2020 and beyond.

The much-anticipated step by step eight-week program is a revolutionary system with a proven record of success.

Our campaigns are “what’s working now” in 2020.

We offer over the shoulder training on real campaigns with real case studies that are proven winners.

Who is this for:
  • The complete newbie that has never launched a campaign before
  • People with little or no copywriting skills 
  • Non-techie people that don’t have many computer skills
What is Working Now
Most of the Gurus out there are teaching from theory or skills that worked years ago.

I am guessing in 2019 if you have a cell phone and YouTube then you have seen or heard of Affiliate Marketing.

What Affiliate Marketing is a simple equation of spreading the word about someone else’s product and earning a commission from the sale.

There are many choices when it comes to making money via the internet, some of the biggest pluses of affiliate marketing are:
You are a freelancer, and you own your own business
You can quickly earn unlimited income by scaling campaigns
Money can come in while you sleep

You have location freedom, provided you can get to
decent internet connections

No inventory or customer service

Your creativity will likely be what sets you apart from
other affiliates

All this sounds amazing, yeah?

It’s all fantastic until you fire up your 1st campaign and realize things are not fine-tuned, and you burn through a lot of money quickly. 

When you are first starting, you have a lot of questions and the people that likely know the answers don't want to help you.

The "free" Facebook groups and easy to access forums are usually dead-end streets and loaded with inadequate or wrong information.

Not all the information is "bad" out there; in fact, we have learned a lot from quality YouTubers in the past year. 
The biggest issue is that there is just so much information, and trying to decipher the right information from them in a reasonable amount of time is not realistic.

Unfortunately, if you get the wrong information in the affiliate marketing world, you are going to lose money and become frustrated.

So how do you know who you can trust? It always seems like the people that are making the most money, they only tell you part of the story, and they keep the secrets to themselves.

Usually, most affiliates, drop-shippers, and Amazon Gurus, rarely if ever, are transparent with their products and campaigns that are working right now.

It's like a secret society of the "top dogs" that have figured out the online code.

Sounds familiar?

You have the drive, the work ethic, and even some of the skills, but you can't seem to get on the right path.

It's not easy for the newbie.

If you are one of the guys that managed to turn a profit so far, then you deserve huge congratulations.

Being an online marketer generally has ups and downs.

When you have a hot campaign, life is good, steak dinners, and new shoes! The problem is the campaigns - they don't last forever.

When the money is flowing, your brain releases the dopamine for that euphoric feeling.

But you always have that back of the head feeling of "is this going to last."

From one day to the next something happens and it's all gone, just last week we were making a nice, smooth $1-$2K a day from a Pinterest account, then they add some video feature for advertisers, and that jacked the algorithm, and overnight we were losing $500 a day.

It's a constant battle to keep accounts active and ads profitable.

Other affiliates find your stuff with spy tools and copy it all the time.

Top offers go down, and consistency is always an issue in affiliate marketing.

You get something working with your creativity, and the next thing you know, you see someone running the same creatives you designed.
Sometimes we are running a bit on the "grey hat" side and in the back of your mind, you think it's just a matter of time before this account goes down or the advertiser complains about the lead quality.

It's a bit like a video game, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. 

One thing is for sure, the market is ever-evolving, and what was working a year ago at this time is not working now.

If the Gurus are not showing you numbers from TODAY, then they haven't figured it out TODAY!

That simple.

I know with 100% certainty that, many of the courses on the market are from stuff that worked 1, 2 or even five years ago!  

Guess what? They are teaching from theory, not results. 

Funny thing was, I did an entire course in May of 2018 and was going to release it in June of 2018, and then the Facebook Apocalypse happened: 
My team and I went from a nice $30-40K a month profit literally to zero overnight and for an extended period.

The Governments of the world started pushing massive pressure on the networks to clean up their acts and enforce stricter rules etc. 

You have to run “white hat” these days if you want some longevity in this business. 

So that course; yeah we finished it, and we never took it to market because the stuff we were teaching stopped working and ethically I am not putting my name on something that is not working NOW!

We tried some dropshipping but the margins on that continues to dwindle.   

It's super saturated and dealing with the customer service and long delivery times just plain SUCKS. 

Are you feeling what I am saying here? Sounds pretty rough? 

You are asking yourself is Affiliate Marketing dead?

Well, the answer is no way!   

Whenever things change, successful companies and entrepreneurs pivot and "crack the code" over and over again. 

The top affiliates, make changes and then CRUSH IT over and over. 
I know some older gurus that still wish it were the "good ole days" and I know plenty of marketers that have adapted and changed their business model.

The real marketers are always testing and experimenting with new strategies and opportunities. 

Affiliate marketing can be frustrating these days. But what if I told you our system works and it doesn't have to be? 

It's fantastic to know we are running white hat offers on fickle traffic sources, and we don't have to cloak or run aggressive copy! 

We used to wake up each day wondering if our accounts would be disabled or a business manager shut down, but with our current systems, people are loving our ads. 

We have relevance scores of 9's and 10's, and people actually like the ads and share them all over for free organic traffic.  

We even build assets cases such as seasoned pixels and email lists.

How cool is it, we are able to make money from campaigns that we ran over a year ago. 

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? This is the real deal affiliate marketing. 

Does this sound interesting? Would you like to learn how? 

Let's continue...
Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention who I am.
My guess, if you are seeing
this you have seen an ad or a video of me.
My Name is Brian Pfeiffer, and have a strong reputation for greatness in Online Business building for the past 15 years.

I started running my own campaigns nearly 7 years ago and have broken in the 7 figure range in recent years.

I have received rewards for excellence and recently started building a personal brand and blog to help serve my audience. 
My partner Ross Minchev and I have had two coaching groups in the past where we taught our methods to a select group of students.

We have had several students go on to become successful super affiliates with revenue into the millions.

So, here is the deal.

I brought Ross on as a media buyer almost 5 years ago, he was new to the United States from Bulgaria and was delivering food to make ends meet, think Uber Eats. 

If you can believe it, he answered Craig's List ad. I had a working campaign and was desperate to scale it, but with running more than one successful business, time was my enemy. 

He had a few skills from his Bulgarian upbringing, such as a basic knowledge of Word Press and Photoshop which helped speed up the learning curve. 

In the beginning, he was riding his bike to my office since he didn't have a car. 

That was all fine until around May in Las Vegas and the temperature rose to triple digits.

Ross would have to come to work, shower or jump in the pool just to cool off before he started to work.   

Talk about some motivation to make some dollars to get a car with air conditioning. 
That is about the time when we "cracked the code" and together Ross and I managed to have our 1st $100K profit month and even a $10K profit day!

You always hear of these "black hat" guys and "Shopify" guys that claim these big numbers.

The truth of the matter is the "black hat" stuff is short-lived in today's world on quality traffic sources and the "Shopify" guys are lucky to see 10-15% profit at scale if they are really good.  

We achieved those incredible numbers with all white hat clean offers and ads and continue to do so in 2020. 

Here are some of the recent screenshots taken on the day that I am actually writing this letter. 
That is about $250,000 in Revenue in just the first 2 months of 2019 and that doesn't even count CLICK BANK in which I finished up #10 on the leader board in January of 2019 with over to $100k In revenue.
So close to $400k in Affiliate Commissions in the 1st 2 months of 2019, I guess one could say we know what is working NOW!

So the burning question is how much of that is profit, we generally run 25-40% profit at scale with the clean white hat offers. 

Our three-step simple system just plain works. 
We do some email collection and remarketing to increase profitability, but generally, we have the best results and make the most profit when we go straight to offers.

Times are changing, and we are adapting.

Ad cost continues to inch up as more and more marketers enter the space and big brands such as Ford, Apple, and Verizon are buying up the ads on a lot of the traffic sources we use. 

It was a big theme at the Traffic and Conversions Summit 2019 that this will be the 1st year that digital marketing outpaced traditional advertising.  

So you can count on more marketers, more big brands, and, us as marketers will have to adapt. 

We have to be stealthy with our tactics and copywriting and not to mention we need killer offers with excellent payouts. 

So here is our system in from a 30,000-foot view: 
Have a look at the mind map, yeah I know seems complicated, I will break it down step by step.

Here is an explanation: 

You will be running WHITE HAT, Cost per acquisition offers, basically, Lead Gen Affiliate Marketing - sounds familiar?? 
We buy traffic on several different traffic sources, and we are paid when we send a customer to either buy a product or submit a form (a lead)

These offers convert well as the companies we work with are master funnel builders, and for the leads, the prospects simply just fill out a form without making a purchase. 

You might ask, what is the WHITE HAT ADVERTISING

That simply means, in affiliate marketing the offers are legit companies that do legit business and they are allowed on the various traffic sources we use.
The Traditional CPA Marketing Model
These campaigns still work in 2020, and we will teach you what is working now.

Our model is a significant revenue generator for us to this day.

It's a simple model with a lot of little tweaks and programming that makes it profitable. 

We will continue to teach the method and make a lot of profit with it. 

There are some flaws that are fairly obvious:
  • You only have one chance to get the sale or conversion.
  • After you get the sale or conversion that is it for you, the advertiser now has that lead and can market to them over and over.
  • It's hard to increase your profit, because you can't typically re-target them, or market to them again. Sure you can tweak your landing pages or quiz, but people will swipe them and really it doesn't give you a large competitive advantage
  • ​You are really only reliant on one offer or product.
Is this making sense?

It's been a great model for us for nearly five years, but recently we found a better way.

Every year we have to pivot to remain super affiliates and 2020 is a time for a change in digital marketing.

The cost of ads continue to rise, and more and more marketers enter the space every single day.

In 2019 money spent on digital marketing surpassed traditional advertising.
The BIG DOGS like Apple, Toyota, and Sony are catching on quick and guess what, they have more money to spend on ads then us affiliate marketers.

So as cost rise how do we stay profitable with the model above? Pay Bumps and optimization will only get you so far. 

My partner Ross and I have come up with what we call Affiliate Marketing Fusion™