Rimantas Petrauskas Trading Strategy Launch Framework

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Rimantas Petrauskas Trading Strategy Launch Framework

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Rimantas Petrauskas – Trading Strategy Launch Framework


Trading Strategy Launch Framework

Trading Strategy Launch Framework is all about CREATING, TESTING, OPTIMIZING trading strategies strategically and LAUNCHING them effectively. There are almost 100 video lessons (~24 hours total).

We teach the techniques and tactics from creating to launching strategies from scratch via these six modules:

  • Module #1: Setting up your testing environment (basic level)

  • Module #2: Creating your trading strategy (basic+intermediate level)

  • Module #3: Testing and analysing your trading strategy (intermediate level)

  • Module #4: Improving your trading strategy (advanced level)

  • Module #5: Robustness checking for your strategies (advanced level)

  • Module #6: Launching and monitoring your strategy live (advanced level)

Bonus: Building Portfolio

There’s an extra bonus module #7 added to the Trading Strategy Launch Framework which introduces to portfolio creation. Having a portfolio of Forex EAs is a very wise choice instead of relying just on one EA.

I mean it makes a lot of sense to have a farm of thousands of bees to gather you honey. If you just had one bee you it would not gather you any.

  • Optimal Portfolio Creation

  • Optimal Portfolio of Portfolio’s (POP) Creation

  • Commisions in more depth: For trading cost sensitive strategies

  • Custom Fitness Function Creation in Quant Analyzer

Bonus: Robust EA with Live Results + .MQ4 file

One of our automated strategies for MT4 that we’ve created using the very same techniques we teach in Trading Strategy Launch Framework.

This Forex EA was created using the StrategyQuant and it has been working on a live trading account for more than 2 years already.

Trading Strategy Launch Framework Webinar


  • How to setup backtesting environment to your desired settings (download & convert)

  • The importance of different backtesting types

  • How to perform very accurate backtests and run them fast

  • The process of strategy development in parallel with SQ & MT4

  • Several approaches to creating strategies fast

  • How to create strategies without being a programmer, tech geek, mathematician or statistician

  • How to test & analyze your strategies accurately and fast with SQ & MT4

  • How about the backtesting process in more depth

  • How to deal with choice, how to dismiss, how to choose potential

  • How to automate your strategy improvement and dot get lost in the trap

  • How to minimize data mining biases when optimizing

  • How to speed up optimization up and choose potential

  • The importance of robustness tests and key ways to use them

  • The dominance of different robustness tests

  • How to integrate robustness tests to save time

  • What it takes to create robust strategies

  • That it is sure possible to create these strategies even if you are a beginner

  • How to launch 100’s of strategies live for testing without need of 100’s of MT4

  • How to setup and choose your VPS server for testing

  • How to monitor these strategies without loosing your mind

  • Which metrics to watch out for and how to analyze them

  • How portfolio trading combining can be used to achieve more stable returns

  • How to choose least correlated strategies for optimal portfolio creation

  • How to create optimal multi-currency strategy portfolios

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