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Pay Per Call Profits Training


Step-by-step how to setup your Pay Per Call or Rank & Rent business. You’ll learn how to build “micro-sites” that generate phone calls and leads that you’ll be able to sell to business owners. You’ll love how simple it is to find profitable niches and locations that are virtually untapped and low competition. These are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to keep this business more passive.




“Done For You” Website Theme


This is the EXACT website template that we use on almost all of our “lead getters” You’ll have your new Pay Per Call lead getter up in minutes, ready for you to customize to your liking. This template was created so that we could pump out sites quickly, without having to be a programming nerd. This makes setting up your website as simple as typing out an email! Do it yourself, or hand this template off to a virtual assistant and let them handle it for you!




Fast Clients Training


This training reveals 4 of my favorite sites to cherry pick clients that pay for phone calls! Imagine having an endless resource to find clients for your “micro-sites!” These sites are some of my best held secrets and I can’t wait to share them with you.




Seal The Deal Email & Proposal Templates


Imagine knowing exactly what to say in an email to seal the deal! I get asked all of the time what to put on a proposal, how to word it and exactly what to include, but today I’m just going to flat out give you my exact template to use.




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Paul James – DialHawk (Local SEO) Contains: Videos, PDF’s


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