OMGYes – Season One – Women’s Pleasure Demystified

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The More We Know The Better It Gets

On OMGYES, you’ll explore techniques from the first-ever large scale research about the specifics of women’s pleasure. Combining the wisdom of over 2,000 women, ages 18-95.

Women’s sexual pleasure has hidden in the shadows for too long. It’s time to get it all out in the open.

OMGYES is an entirely new way to explore fascinating, useful and fun information that’s been uncovered in new research. Let’s lift the veil and take an honest look at the specific ways women actually find pleasure.

The research shows there are more ways to please than anyone had thought – and each one has delicious variations.

You’ll explore the above ways of enhancing pleasure through videos and something new called touchable video.

Watch videos where women explain and demonstrate how the technique works for them, how they discovered it and why it feels so good. No scripts, no actors.

Pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving. New tools for your toolbox for women, men and couples.

OMGYes – Season One Contents: 10 Episodes, 38 Videos – MP4, 10 Screenshots – PNG


Bigger orgasm by approaching & denying

6.5 out of 10 women


Passing by and only occasionally indulging

7 out of 10 women


Keeping everything exactly the same

6.5 out of 10 women


Defying expectation to enhance pleasure

7 out of 10 women


A well-timed, almost musical loop of motion

8 out of 10 women


Overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms

5 out of 10 women


Extra attention to part of a motion

4 out of 10 women


How pleasure is mostly between the ears

9 out of 10 women


Ways sensitivity changes over time

7 out of 10 women


Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin

6.5 out of 10 women

Note: Original course has twelve episodes.When we get the last two episodes, we will update the course.

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OMGYes – Season One – Women’s Pleasure Demystified Contents: Videos


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OMGYes – Season One – Women’s Pleasure Demystified
5,50 $
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