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Nick Krauser - Beginners Daygame

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Nick Krauser - Beginners Daygame

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Time moves fast in the world of daygame. It seems like only yesterday guys were making their first fumbling attempts at chatting up girls on the street, in coffee shops, in bookstores. They didn’t know what they were doing, but – bless their horny seducer’s hearts – they went out anyway and gave it a try. Before long they’d figured out a system – a “blueprint” – for meeting and attracting girls in the daytime.

It seemed like they’d acheived the impossible – a reproducable system for the average man to get the girl(s) of his dreams. The secret underground world of Pick Up Artists was taken by storm – “Daygame” had arrived!

The only problem is, that system was pretty raw. It was unfocused. It was like the apocraphyl story of the four blind men touching different parts of the elephant and getting completely different mental images of how the elephant looks. These guys had hit upon something incredible, but still didnt’ really know what it was they were doing.

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