Nathan Latka Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

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Nathan Latka Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

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Nathan Latka – Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Take full advantage of Facebook.

      If you’re a small business owner or creative freelancer, everyone you know has declared that you “should” be using Facebook to promote your work. (After all, with over a billion active users, at least a few should be interested in what you do.) But making a page for yourself and getting a few likes from friends won’t do your business any good. Learning how to take full advantage of Facebook’s remarkable marketing power can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Facebook marketing pro Nathan Latka will show you how to use this powerful social media hub to attract customers, turn them into fans, and drive sales. Focusing on the concrete, practical skills you need to harness the full power of Facebook, this course will guide you through setting up, optimizing, and monetizing your company’s Facebook page. You’ll learn about:
  • building your email list via Facebook
  • using Facebook to pitch, sell, and close
  • getting likes, shares, and comments
  • managing your Facebook page efficiently and effortlessly
  • and more!
Whether you’re looking for your first 100 likes or your first 10,000, this course will make Facebook your most powerful marketing tool.  

Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka is the 24-year-old CEO of Heyo, a company focused on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads and drive sales using Facebook. An international speaker and author, Nathan has spoken at the World Leaders Forum, eMarketing Summit, Social Selling Summit, and NY Social Media Week, and has contributed to the Wall Street Journal, as well as InsideFacebook, AllFacebook, and other top small business marketing publications. Nathan and his team have launched over 250,000 Facebook campaigns and work with over 100,000 small businesses. Nathan doesn’t care about big business and is on a mission to support 500,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners by 2017.   \'Nathan