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Episode 1

Starring: Robert Kiyosaki & David Gardner

How the system is rigged to keep you a slave to money How a small tweak to traditional stock investing pays solid returns AND just as importantly… makes the world a better place Debt? How most people use it… And how the wealthy use it. (The difference is the difference between poor and rich) 5 investments that legally wipe out your taxes… And why NOT paying taxes is the best thing you can do for the economy Why economic collapse is inevitable—and what you need to do today to prepare How to invest in stocks at any stage of life, what to look for and why it’s the right thing to do Why watching the stock market is the wrong place to look for the first signs of economic trouble and where to look instead The 4 basic asset classes you can own and why 99% of people invest in the wrong one The technique Robert uses to get richer buying Ferraris



Few wars were started with more secrecy than that the start of the Federal Reserve Bank—why? The answer will shock you

Who was on Jekyll Island the day the Fed was born? And more importantly… Who were the puppet masters behind it all? How taxes and banking transfer 50-75% of your wealth—created by your hard work into the hands of the central bank owners

Episode 2

Starring: Garrett Gunderson & Ray Blanco

Why saving for retirement doesn’t create financial freedom… Shift your aim a little to secure your financial future The 3 forces that erode retirement funds before you’re ready A detailed analysis of two hot healthcare investments The hottest sector of the stock market right now—and the 3 ways to invest in this massive trend The shocking truth about 401(k)’s that made our host Dr Patrick Gentempo liquidate his The future of crypto—why most coins will fail but the two places the blockchain will make investors a lot of money Why most retirees don’t have enough money… And how to make sure you have more than you need Why you should stop doing the work you hate and what to do instead (you’ll be happier and wealthier) Pot stocks… crypto… and biotech… 3 massive opportunities—here’s how to sort through the hype and invest for massive gains The shortcut for working people to level the playing field when investing in public companies against Wall Street insiders


Starring: Paul Zane Pilzer

The #1 sign of economic growth that analysts almost always misinterpret—and what this sign says today

How the tech-enabled “sharing economy” that brought us Uber has fundamentally changed the way we will experience wealth Why unemployment growth is inevitable due to technology advancement—and what needs to be done to prepare

Episode 3

Starring: Andy Tanner & Roger Hamilton

The unstoppable force that will end the bull market, the federal law that guarantees it, and the only way to survive the storm If stocks are at all-time highs, why are 401(k)’s so small? The answer will shock and anger you—here’s what to do about it The 3-phases of entrepreneurship—and how to quickly get to Phase 3 where the real money starts to flow The sly way the system is rigged to “skim” your retirement accounts —and the deceptive number hiding it on your account statement Why NOW is the best time in history to become massively wealthy in any country—no matter what you have today The Japanese concept that allows you to achieve peak wealth AND peak health by pursuing your passion Why economic changes are forcing people to become an entrepreneur… And how to make sure you aren’t left behind The shocking truth about 401(k), IRA and other tax-deferred accounts that will make your angry… And what to do about it ASAP The 7 Levels of Entrepreneurship and how to ‘level up” for maximum income and impact



How to pick business partners… Raise money… And fund your dream business

Should you be a generalist or a specialist? Which one will make you the most money today and in the future? The 3 investment buckets he puts his money into and what he expects in return from each

Episode 4

Starring: Mike Dillard, Paul Zane Pilzer & Ryan Moran

The future of “cryptos”—Security Token Offerings and the tokenization of all things (PLUS: How Mike’s investing) A key lesson Mike learned about himself that made him quit what he was doing—and led to his rapid rise to riches Mike’s one-step action plan to change the course of your life—do this today The two-word criteria an investment must meet to free you from the need to work (HINT: It’s why Paul loves planet fitness) Who is responsible for understanding money in your household? And how to plan your investments to make you happy Priceless advice on real estate, entrepreneurship and how the sharing economy is going to affect them all The #1 “hack” for creating income on demand… And the 90-day action plan to get there A step-by-step approach to creating your first $1M business—including the first step to take to get started The three assets Ryan buys with the profits from his business and the one thing they all MUST have in common


Starring: Dave Blanchard

Chase it and money flees… Do this instead and the money flows to you The “think positive” lie… And the complex balance between positive and negative thinking you must strike to operate in peak state The 2-step natural thinking pattern that drains us, imbalances our hormones and keeps us frozen from acting on our ideas

Episode 5

Starring: John Mackey & Justin Harrison

How joining a hippy commune led to one of the greatest capitalistic achievements of our lifetime The one activity that almost every single very wealthy person owes much of their wealth to—and how you can do it too How John made enemies on Wall Street by giving everyday investors a level playing field on the Whole Foods IPO How “mac & cheese” drove Justin to start his first business and sparked a series of events that led to his massive passive cash flow What to look for when you are exploring the different business opportunities available to you? Don’t ignore this What happened to Justin years ago when his income first passed $10,000 per month… and just how big can your income get? How long it took for him to start making serious money in his business—and how you can shortcut the process The 7 things you should look for in a home-based business—and the kiss of death (if you see this RUN) The real reason you should start a business that has nothing to do with money


Starring: JEFF SOCHA

How the rich legally don’t pay taxes when we all have to follow the same rules… And how you can do the same thing

Why legally NOT paying taxes is actually more beneficial for society than paying the taxes in the highest tax bracket How to deduct your home gym… Your pool… Your trip to Paris… And a half-dozen other fun things that could reduce your taxes

Episode 6

Starring: Ron Phillips & Scott Picken

3 ways to become wealthy through single family homes—lessons learned—and who should try each approach Why Ron’s real estate portfolio became more valuable during the 2008 housing crash while everyone else’s tanked The no-hype plan for growing wealth through single family houses How to pay for your global traveler lifestyle, so cash flows in while you explore exotic locations… with just one type of asset How Scott is joining an ancient asset class with crypto technology to eliminate poverty and create wealth for billions The 5 Rules of Collaborative Investing and how you can apply them to become a global investor 3 real estate business models and how to know which is right for you (HINT: One of them is NOT for most people) How to get started as a real estate investor using free tools that are available to anyone How to sell properties for a profit without paying taxes (legally)


Starring: David Shamy

Five “small money” ideas that can put cash in your pocket almost immediately

The funny story about how a college date gone wrong led to a $50M business decades later How David used real estate as a financial foundation to free him up to build a business around his passion

Episode 7

Starring: Patrick Byrne, Ali El Husseini & Jonathan Johnson

What is the future of “crypto”—how the blockchain is changing everything about modern economies How the blockchain is creating better infrastructures for third world countries than what’s available anywhere else The 3 places Patrick is looking to disrupt via the blockchain… and how this is going to unlock “tens of trillions of dollars of capital” What is the blockchain? When you understand how this works, you’ll understand why it’s game over… this is unstoppable How governments across the world—from first to third world economies—are all working towards this innovation This is more disruptive than the internet… What sectors should investors keep their eyes on over the next 10 to 15 years? Bitcoin is to blockchain as email was to the internet—it’s the first big “app” but it’s just the tip of the iceberg… Here’s what’s next What can investors do to participate in the upside of the inevitable rise of the blockchain? Jonathan shares a few ideas How the blockchain can eliminate voter fraud… free up trillions of dollars of trapped equity… and re-shape every part of society



In-the-trenches intel on blockchain development from a prodigy Six boxes to check before you invest a penny into crypto Why government and big banking—who once resisted the blockchain—are now embracing it and leading the charge

Episode 8

Starring: Ryan Levesque & Douglas AndreW

The one-word strategy Ryan used to profitably create 23 online businesses from home The 7 factors a market must possess for it to be worth pursuing as a new business (including the 5 “Market Must-Haves” test) How one free online research tool quickly provides a red-light / green-light signal for starting a new business Why 401(k), IRA and other tax-deferred accounts all have one built-in flaw that the government is just now being forced to acknowledge The “Rich Man’s Roth” that provides permanent tax-free returns—doubles when your family needs it most and avoids estate tax The biggest parasite to wealth that prevents most people from becoming wealthy—fix this and you’ll build wealth by doing good The ONLY investment vehicle you can put as much money into as you want and pull it out tax-free at any time The secret banks don’t want you to know about how money really works—because you can beat them at their own game The 3 types of assets that really matter (no financial planner will ever tell you this)


Starring: Emmron Andrew

The “4 Green circles” investment strategy used by millionaires and billionaires—and how to use it to analyze your investments A lesson his dad taught him about a farmer that kept him from falling for the most common deception individual investors believe How he became a millionaire before 30 and is paving the road for others to do the same

Episode 9

Starring: Jason FladliEn & John Carter

How to start a business selling products on Amazon… Jason’s story and how he’s taught other to do the same How to analyze a product idea quickly to see if it is worth it before you ever spend a dime on product development, so you don’t waste money How much could you make? Jason shares facts from his and his 15,000 students’ experiences… Plus, why now is the best time ever to start How quickly can you start making money from your Amazon business? And the steps to take immediately to get there faster The story of how John went from making his first profitable trade in high school… to day trading… swing trading and now teaching What does John see ahead for the future of cryptocurrencies? And where they fit into a well-planned portfolio One specific “basket” of investments John believes investors should consider and a how to make money in today’s economy How long does it really take to learn to trade stocks successfully? Here’s how to shortcut the process The #1 challenge stock traders face and the ONLY way to overcome it


Starring: TUCKER MAX

How getting fired from his first job as a lawyer… then fired again—by his family’s law firm—led Tucker to find his true gift The two things that he got right—and how you can apply them to your life to increase your wealth and satisfaction Where Tucker is investing his money—and the four places he expects to find great opportunities in the near future


Starring: DJ Barton

The “mobile-preneur” system that frees you up from the challenges people used to face with a home-based business The fascinating story of how DJ started a business from home… And wound up with 7 MILLION people working in it How you can tweak your social media time to make money