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WordPress is the best platform for any website. The proof is that over 61% of all content management websites online use it!

If you want to cash in on the tidal wave of users that don’t know how to leverage WordPress, you’ll not only have a complete data base of ‘how to’ videos, you’ll also have the option to sell (or rent) access to them and keep 100% of the cash!

Checkout Everything That You’ll Discover In This Series!

Here’s all the videos you’ll get in this course…

How to buy a domain
How to set up DNS
How to buy hosting
How to install a blog
How to change a theme
How to install a plugin
How to add a page
How to create a home page
How to add a post
How to change text
How to add a link
How to add a video
How to add an image
How to add media (files)
How to make a download link
How to make a download page
How to secure a download page
How to password protect a page
How to moderate comments
How to disable comments
How to set up spam protection
How to make a redirect

How to add header/footer scripts
How to add line breaks
How to make a contact page
How to make a support desk
How to make a zip file
How to display content on multiple pages
How to make an email link
How to add a menu
How to add a widget
How to integrate Aweber with blog
How to add an exit pop up
How to cloak your links
How to track your visitors and sales
How to split test pages
How to back up your blog
How to add an email address
How to add an email forwarder
How to add an autoresponder
How to align text
How to align an image
How to make an alert pop up





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