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It is a well known fact that oral sex is extremely pleasurable for a man. The irrefutable evidence permeates our society from sexual innuendos in commercials to adult films and pornography. It is true that a man will not let a woman who gives great fellatio go far and for many men, oral sex is the cornerstone of a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, oral sex for women (called cunnilingus) doesn’t get quite as much publicity as fellatio does, in spite of the fact that it is more pleasurable for a woman to receive oral sex than it is for a man.

Come again? Yes, you heard right. The amount of pleasure experienced by a woman when receiving oral sex is much greater than the pleasure experienced by a man receiving oral sex. How is this possible? The surface area of a man’s penis greatly exceeds the surface area of the clitoris; therefore oral sex for a man must feel better. Well, not exactly. Packed into that tiny little clitoris in a woman’s vulva is a whopping eight thousand nerve endings! We guarantee that isn’t something you learned in Sex Ed! Yes, the clitoris has almost two times the amount of nerve endings than a penis does and is the most sensitive part of the human body (both male and female). If the clitoris is such a big deal, how come we haven’t heard much about it until now?

This is where a little bit of psychology comes into play. It is a woman’s nature to give and give without ever receiving. It is unlikely that she will ever ask or tell you that she would like to experience cunnilingus – women just aren’t wired that way. She may give clues like freshening up down south or making suggestive comments, but since men take such a direct approach to everything, it is quite possible that he will miss these clues entirely.

Rest assured, however, that nearly all women love to be gone down on, for both physical and emotional reasons. The physical, of course, is obvious – by directly stimulation her clitoris with a hot, wet mouth, she will most likely experience more powerful, intense and longer lasting orgasms than with intercourse alone. Emotionally, during cunnilingus the woman is the center of attention – nothing matters more at that moment than her pleasure. Many women today balance both careers and a family and in between her screaming boss and putting dinner on the table, there isn’t much time left for her. For a woman, cunnilingus is like a mini-vacation where she can finally forget her daily routine and nagging to-do list while her body releases the pent up tension from the day.

A study involving ninety-eight married women as described in Sex: A Man’s Guide, ranked cunnilingus or oral sex as the most enjoyable and gratifying sexual act – eighty-two percent of these married women feel that receiving cunnilingus outranks any other sexual act! Only sixty-eight percent of the women felt that intercourse was very pleasurable and believe it or not, these women experienced an orgasm only twenty-five percent of the time! That means that out of every four times these women engaged in a sexual act, only once did they reach orgasm! During oral sex, however, these same women reached orgasm a whopping eighty-one percent of the time. There’s solid proof that cunnilingus is the most surefire way to give a woman an orgasm. In a similar study by Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, only 7.7 percent of women did not reach an orgasm if their husbands spent more than twenty-one minutes engaging in foreplay and oral sex.

Okay, so we’ve made our point. Cunnilingus is the ultimate form of sex for a woman – hands down! You can go down on your partner before you enter her, or you can surprise her and make cunnilingus the main event for an evening. Either way you choose to do it, know that you will ultimately strengthen your relationship and get closer to your partner than you ever were before. So let’s get started!

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Michael Webb – Lick By Lick
5,50 $
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