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Mark Thompson Seller Kickstart

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Mark Thompson Seller Kickstart

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Mark Thompson – Seller Kickstart


… Join this RARE “No Fluff, No BS” Product Creation & Marketing Workshop,

Held by 8-Figure Digital Publisher, Mark Thompson!


Discover How to Double Your Sales Using Product Creation & Marketing, in 6 Weeks or Less – or Your Money Back.

My unique product creation & marketing system is used by the most wildly successful online marketers on the planet, including Shawn Casey, Chris Ducker, Matt Callen, and Adam Short.  

This Product Creation Workshop is a Shortcut to Online Success, and Has Contributed to At Least $12 Million+ In Sales…In The Last Year Alone!

Welcome to the 6-Week Product Creation & Marketing Bootcamp, we are Calling Seller Kickstart!


  During our first week together we’ll be covering the “big picture” strategy of how you can use product creation to make more sales…on demand. Through a combination of pre-recorded videos and materials inside the members area, plus our two live workshop sessions… You’ll discover:
  • The most efficient and strategy ways of creating products & programs that your target audience is absolutely begging and waiting for you to create.
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you have ZERO product creation experience. You’ll learn about the first product I created, which was beyond crap. But with each product I created I got slightly better…and you will too. It doesn’t matter if you’re not “creative” – my system for product creation and marketing makes it easy.
  • An insider’s look at my in-home studio and equipment setup for cranking out all types of high quality content, extremely fast. Don’t worry I’ll show you how you can do this on even a shoestring budget.
  • A tested process for developing products that creates a devastating surge in sales. Once dialed in, results can seem “magical”… and will put money in your bank account, the same day you open the cart.
  • And much more…


Our second live session is all about helping you deeply understand your audience and customers. This will help you connect with – and influence – your potential and existing customers, far better than your competition. In many ways, this lesson is the most important one in the entire workshop… You’ll discover:
  • Why knowing the profile of your audience and customers on a deep emotional level makes product creation 10x easier (and more effective). Look – you may think you already know your audience. But a buck gets ten you don’t. Not nearly well enough anyway. We’ll fix that right away at the start of week 2.
  • How to quickly identify the emotional hot buttons and pains of your audience, so you can better persuade and motivate them to buy.
  • How to create product and programs using my exclusive “Persona Diagram” System. Do this and you’ll make more money, simply because you’re speaking in your customers’ language. So you’ll learn how to create products based on THEIR world view. THEIR emotions. THEIR needs… not your biases. This is smart, provides big value, and squeezes sales from even the smallest traffic source.
  • How to gain a crucial competitive advantage by creating products from the POV of your audience. I’ll show you precisely how to laser-focus your products and programs to their specific needs, problems and desires…even if you have no idea what those currently are. The upturn in sales will astonish you.
  • A simple method for identifying the good and bad
  • And much more…


  This is where things get really fun. You’ll discover EXACTLY what you need to create your first badass (and money-grabbing) product. You’re getting:
  • A blueprint for creating your very own Product Creation Structure (PCS). This proven system helps you to bang out products 10x faster with laser focus and efficiency.
  • What…and crucially, what content format(s) to use, which will best resonate with your customers.
  • My ‘fill-in-the-blank’ worksheets that will keep you light-years ahead of your competition in terms of producing effective sales and email swipe copy WITHOUT having to hire expensive copywriters or “gurus” to create high-converting sales copy.
  • A look at the technical side of things and why technology shouldn’t scare or hold you back from what you are creating.
  • A breakdown of the various tools, software and solutions available, to help in creating professional Membership Sites, Video Training, Ebooks, Audio, Transcriptions, Sales Designs, Ecover, and more… (on an affordable budget that will make your jaw drop).
  • My most CLOSELY GUARDED secrets around how you can create industry-changing software and apps – without having a background in development or design (I’m not a developer or design and I’ve been able to sell over 10+ million in software – and I’ll teach you how you can do it too).
  • And much more…


  We move on. Our fourth weekly session is all about maximizing how much money you put into your pocket from every customer you gain. (After all, you want to quickly generate more sales, right?) Well, you’re going to love week 4. We’ll be covering Marketing Funnels and Optimization. What’s really cool is that your marketing funnel and optimization efforts can potentially make you as much – if not more – money than all of the rest of the stuff put together. Which is why I’m going to give you everything you need to kickstart even the simplest product funnel…jolting them to life to become wildly (and repeatedly) profitable. This week you’ll discover:
  • How to build out a profitable front-end and backend sales funnel that virtually never stops sending money to your bank account.
  • The ‘5x Method’ that has proven to deliver 5x boosts in CLV (customer lifetime value) – without this method, its real money left on the table.
  • 7 simple tricks on how you can DOUBLE your price points, TRIPLE your conversion rates and QUADUPLE your earnings per visitor.
  • How to create an “evergreen” email auto-responder sequence. This means that – in future – every single customer will be taken through your profitable AR sequence…on autopilot. This is a thing of real beauty, because – done right – you’ll get paid forever. (This is about as close to real “passive income” as you can get.)
  • The 3 elements to optimize, which creates 80% of the improvements. Each element has proven to improve conversions by 20, 50 or even 100%. – all from just a few simple tweaks.
  • And much more…


  Our second to last week together is all about TRAFFIC. Without traffic, all of your hard work to this point means nothing. Luckily for you, I’m going to allow you to “steal” my hard-earned marketing & traffic system that has generated over 10+ million dollars in sales just over the past few years. There is a misconception that traffic generating is the hardest part of building an online business. During this week, I’ll be debunking this misconception and show you why there is NO such thing as a traffic problem (only a conversion problem – which we cover during week 4). I’m going to walk you through the following traffic-getting methods:
  • Facebook Traffic: Setting up simple, affordable Facebook Ads that consistently deliver between 50-150% ROI! The key is to find a winning campaign, then crank it up – and I’ll show you how to find those winners.
  • Affiliate Traffic: Learn the tricks I’ve used to have the top players in any niche promoting your product – even if you have no prior relationship or didn’t even know who you were (we’ll change that).
  • Webinar Traffic: Watch as I show you my secrets for how I can pack a full virtual house on an action-packed, engaging webinar – filled with BUYERS, ready to hand you money.
  • Seller Traffic: How you can leverage A-list product creators and backdoor into their massive email list and following – putting your offer in front of laser-targeted, BUYERS – even if you have virtually NO authority or existing brand (yes its possible, if done the right way).
  • Internal Email List Traffic: Your list is your virtual ATM, which is why I’ll breakdown my methods for how to create long-lasting connections with your subscribers, who will hit the BUY button before even reading your