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What You Get:




  • A brief introduction to the Mailchimp for Newbies course
  • Welcome to Mailchimp for Newbies


The Basics


  • Account types
  • Signup and setup
  • Navigating your account
  • Verifying and authenticating a domain
  • Adding and managing users
  • Getting help




  • Audiences primer
  • Importing contacts and merging audiences
  • Tags, groups and segments explained
  • Creating and using tags
  • Creating and using groups
  • Creating and using segments
  • Creating and using merge tags
  • Using the inbox


Forms, landing pages and popups


  • Signup forms
  • Landing pages
  • Navigating the content studio


Creating email campaigns


  • Creating and sending an email campaign
  • Using the new email builder
  • A/B testing primer


Email automations and customer journeys


  • Understanding automations
  • Classic automations
  • Customer journeys primer
  • Creating a customer journey




  • Understanding campaign reports
  • Report analysis
  • Clicks and click maps
  • Mailchimp smarts


Other features


  • Stores and websites
  • Creating surveys
  • Appointments
  • Sending postcards
  • Social media posts
  • Creating digital ads
  • Creative assistant


Integrations and extras


  • Off-the-shelf integrations
  • API keys and custom integrations
  • Zapier and Mailchimp



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