Leonard McGill – Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage

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Imagine this: You sink your erection into your lover and immediately you feel a rush of energy expanding your heart like fireworks shooting out into the night sky.

The boundaries around your heart disappear and you feel love rush out of it in all directions, pulsating, streaming, glowing. It’s the most delicious feeling you’ve ever experienced.

If you’re a man that will likely never happen.

But when you use your open heart and your trained fingers to play in your woman’s precious playground, you can give her just such an experience.

Vaginal massage is a chance for women to sink into and be enveloped by heartexpanding sexual pleasure. Ask yourself: if you could do this for her, why would she ever look at another guy? Wouldn’t she give you all the love you ever wanted? Most importantly, wouldn’t your life become easier, deeper, richer?

“At first he gives me the most delicious feelings I’ve ever felt, with one orgasm building on the one that came before it, becoming more and more powerful. And then he takes me out of my body. I feel like I’m connected to everything,” is how one woman described what receiving vaginal massage does for her. “It doesn’t take away what he does with his penis. That’s become even better, because I’m able to enjoy it more now. He’s way beyond anything I ever dreamed of in a lover.”

For you, mastering this skill gives you the ability to send your woman into states of bliss and connection that will have her blushing when she tells her girlfriends about the bedroom time she spends with you. Bestowing this gift on your woman, you become a trusted lover. A man in charge in the bedroom. In charge of his erections, his sexual energy, his vibrating, inflatable sex toys. Through you, your woman tastes the sweetness of her radiance. Glowing. Radiating.

And sending all that love to you.

Most likely she’s forgotten she can even dream of sex like this. Personal and culturally-embedded beliefs, not to mention rough-handling or incompetent sexual partners, have blotted it out long ago. You can feel great about yourself as a man and as a lover, because you’re giving your woman a precious gift. And because she feels cherished in a way no other man has ever cherished her, your relationship grows deeper. If you want to bravely go into that deep space with a woman where no man has gone before, where you are connected with her as deeply as sun and sky, vaginal massage will do it for you.

In this book you’ll find out how your life gets better when you offer this gift to a lover. After that, I’m going to serve up on a silver platter an awesome nuts and bolts “template” for how to deliver a great vaginal massage. With this training you’ll be one of a handful of men on the planet that can go anywhere in the world, lay their hands on a woman, and take her to sensuous, erotic, ecstatic places she’s never been before, for as long as she wants.

This stuff is sexual dynamite, and for most women, will be unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

Next, I’ll give you awesome ideas for varying your massages, along with special considerations and tips for becoming truly masterful at this sublime sexual skill. Then we’ll look at vaginal massage techniques for tapping into the energy flowing through your lover’s body. These methods can take a woman to places she’s never dreamed possible. At this point you become a next-level lover, on the cutting edge of sexuality, taking your partner on journeys that keep opening her wider and deeper.

Finally, I’ve included chapters on unique vaginal massage styles developed by masters of this art, to give you even more expertise.

In the end, whether you want insanely powerful sexual skills, or a way to connect with women on a far deeper level, the techniques detailed ahead are for you.

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Leonard McGill – Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage
5,50 $
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