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EVOLVE: The Complete Journey is a life-transforming video series that will guide you step-by-step through creating the habit of expanding your awareness to embody the infinite potential that lives within you. Seriously, it’s really good.

EVOLVE: The Complete Journey is designed to be experienced multiple times to expand and deepen your awareness, forever.

With this series, you will:

    Take your mind to the gym… It’s like P90x for your brain.

    Shed old limiting beliefs so you can access more of the real you.

    Develop an inner guidance that is stronger than your old patterns.

    Discover an unlimited number of assets that you already have.

    Actually change every aspect of your life.

Course Description


Day 1 | A New Level of YOU is Emerging

Day 2 | Being Rather than Doing

Day 3 | YOU Have All Your Own Answers

Day 4 | Let Go of “Results” for Real Transformation

Day 5 | Just Take the Next Step

Day 6 | Stepping into Who You Really Are

Day 7 | What Does the World Want?

Day 8 | Team Us!

Day 9 | Moving from Resistance into Compassion

Day 10 | Beliefs

Day 11 | Growing Pains

Day 12 | Clearing Remaining Blocks

Day 13 | Is Your Heart Open or Closed?

Day 14 | Let’s Talk About Assets

Day 15 | Celebrate that You’re in the Work

Day 16 | Discovering Skills Through Others’ Feedback

Day 17 | Moving Toward What Feels Light

Day 18 | Are You Riding Your Bike with the Brakes On?

Day 19 | Alignment for Your Optimal Life

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