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Justin Cener The Targeting Vault

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Justin Cener – The Targeting Vault


Confidently Sell Any Product With My Targeting Vault! 100 Videos Showing Exact Facebookâ„¢ Targeting For 100 Niches

100 Done For You Facebookâ„¢ Ad Targeting Videos For 100 Of The Most Popular eCommerce Niches The Vault Includes Targeting For The Following 100 Niches: Cars Cats Coffee Dogs Fishing Fitness Nurse Teachers Video Games Adult Coloring Books Anime Apparel Aquariums Astrology Horoscopes Star Signs Baby Baseball Beards Beauty / Style Beer Biology Cause Awareness Butterfly Cake Decorating Cell Phone Cases   Religion Cooking Country CrossFit Cross Fitness Moms Dads / Fathers Day Dachshund Elephants Engineering Entrepreneur Farmer Firefighter Foxes German Shepherds Golf Goth Grandparents Guitars Gymnastics Harry Potter Horses Horoscopes Digital Products Kids Leather   Yoga Hipsters Parenting Pugs Wolves Steampunk Unicorns Watches Wine Women’s Fashion Woodworking Craft Beer Cows Chickens Dentist Gun Lovers Politics Board Games Weightlifting Surfing Basketball Football Hockey Patriotic Vegan Skulls Mechanic MMA Survival Tattoos Skin Care Navy Nerds Outdoors PC Gamers Pilots Pit Bulls Poker Law Enforcement Coders Book Lovers Science Soccer Spirituality Streetwear Tea Muslims Tennis Travel Luxury Lifestyle You’re getting the Facebookâ„¢ Ad Targeting for 100 of the most popular eCommerce niches (perfect for Shopify).   You also get the exact Facebookâ„¢ Ads Targeting & Testing Strategy that I use every week with my stores and students. This is a 90 minute recorded class and comes with a targeting cheat sheet PDF. Combine the targeting strategy and the targeting videos and you can confidently sell any product in any niche on Shopify!    
Deep Targeting, Multiple Options
You’ll have multiple targeting options for each niche! For the larger niches, you may have as many as 10 different targeting options. You’ll also be able to choose from broad, narrow, and super specific audience types giving you all the options you’d ever need for Facebookâ„¢ Ad targeting.  
My Entire Targeting & Testing Strategy
Included in the Vault is my entire Targeting and Testing Ad Strategy. This 90 minute recorded class will teach you exactly how to setup your niche targeting to find buyers and eliminate losers. You’ll see exactly what type of ads to run, how much to spend, how long to test, and more…  
Incredibly Easy To Follow Videos
The Targeting Vault has everything you need to succeed when it comes to your Facebookâ„¢ Ad targeting. These videos are super easy to understand and will give you the incredibly powerful ability to never have to worry about ad targeting again. Just find the niche, watch the video, and add the targeting to your ads.