Jon Benson 3x Vsl Formula

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Jon Benson 3x Vsl Formula

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Jon Benson – 3X VSL Formula

\'0df455fd3ebcfb0d8e176e5d6c55f2da\' The folks who saw the VSL Sales Video at the Dan Kennedy Summit rushed to buy this product by Jon. Jon Benson also Co-Created 3x Conversion Formula with David Bass, it’s an amazing product for email marketing. Jon has worked with many of the top internet earners/marketers today including Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Joe Polish, Andy Jenkins, Mike Geary, and other folks. His VSL Formula has generated over 0,000,000 in revenue. Likely more because it’s hard to keep track of everyone. He helps Mike Geary (The Truth About Abs) Generate over ,000,000 a month. He created his Video Sale Letters, to both men and women. Watch the video here (It’s amazing and made me want to buy the product): Overall, Jon Benson is one of the GO TO GUYs for the “big guys” and that says a lot for the quality of stuff. Watch the webinar here, and you’ll see what I mean, his sales tactics… Make you, URGE you to want to buy it. This is just from in website screencapture inside the webinar video. Each Section Includes 4 things: Section 1 The USB Factory Videos Tutorials: Creating a Winning USB Bonus: Live Q&A on USB Factory Bonus: USP Follow Up Q&A (Plus Overall Q&A) Section 2 The 1-2-3 Formula Video Tutorials: 1-2-3-Formula: 2 Stories The Nightmare Story 1-2-3-Formula: 2 Stories The Dream Story 1-2-3-Formula: 3 Tips, Part 1 1-2-3-Formula: 3 Tips, Part 2 1-2-3-Formula: 4 Comparisions The 3x VSL Toolbox Bonus: Nightmare Story Live Q&A Bonus: Dream Story Live Q&A (Plus Overall Q&A) Bonus: 3 Tips Live Q & A Part 1 Bonus: 3 Tips Live Q & A Part 2 Bonus: Live Case Studies Section 3 The 5 Step VSL Process Video Tutorials: Step 1: The Snap Suggestion Part 1 Step 1: The Snap Suggestion Part 2 +More Bonus Section The Connection Zone   \'AI0a7jO\'