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John Shea The Seo Consulting Blueprint

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John Shea The Seo Consulting Blueprint

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John Shea – The SEO Consulting Blueprint



\'The_SEO_Consulting_Blueprint_Success_Map_V_2-_1_\'     HERE’S WHAT YOU GET… MODULE #1 Client Acquisition Toolbox   You’ll discover how to get appointments with potential clients AND how to instantly show them the importance of SEO You will get my “Freelance Goldmine” strategies so you can forget about cold calling and being rejected. I’ll show you how you can automate the prospecting process so you don’t have to spend hours looking for new clients How to find businesses already spending money so you know which businesses to approach and how. MODULE #2 Closing Clients   You will learn how to create SEO video audits to close high-paying clients without any face-to-face meetings Recordings of actual sales calls I closed and exactly how I did it to convince my clients that SEO is worth investing in I’ll show you the exact sales process I used to get my first few clients without testimonials or case studies to show You’ll get the “Results In Advance” strategy to show the importance of SEO and the value of this service to potential clients.   MODULE #3 Fullfilment & Delivery   You will get my 6 month client fullfilment plan so you know exactly what to do for your clients step by step so nothing is missed You’ll see my client management strategies to keep clients happy without having to working terribly long hours. How I deal with the constantly changing standards of SEO so you can consistently deliver premium results for your clients I’ll show exactly how to build the right systems, and outsource what you don’t like so that you only spend time on what you do like. MODULE #4 OUTSOURCING MASTERY   Dont want to do SEO? I’m going to show you how you can outsource the bulk of the work while you simply collect the checks! I walk you through how to automate the whole delivery process so you can make more money by working less I’m going to give you the actual names of the companies I outsource my SEO work too and the results they achieved for my clients. You’ll learn the best way to invoice clients every month automatically without the “Client Chase” trying to get payments every month. You’ll see how to “Outsource Like a Boss” with my tips on hiring virtual assistants and using various service providers.