John Cooper – Seduction Without Pick Up

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My name’s John Cooper and I have started a movement called SOCIAL HEARTISTRY. I began by infiltrating the men’s pickup community – creating a paradigm shift, and slowly subverting it into a platform for masculine & spiritual development. For the past 5 years I have been liberating men worldwide from the existing pick up artist scam and its manipulative fear-based protocol. Migrating men from a place of acquisition & control of women, to heart-centred communication of unconditional giving & co-creation. Empowering from the core, so we become autonomous beings that attract through higher vibratory living. The Social Heartistry movement continues to bridge the huge divide that currently separates men and women. No lines, routines, or snake oil, just full expression navigated by the heart.

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John Cooper – Seduction Without Pick Up
5,50 $
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