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Jo Han Mok – Copywriting Empire


If You’re Finally Ready For ‘Overnight’ Success, Now You Can…

“Clone My Entire Copywriting Business From A-Z!”

Instantly Propel Yourself Into The Big Leagues As A Hotshot Copywriter, Set Up Your Own Internet Direct Response Agency, Own A Highly Lucrative ‘Copywriting Business-In-A-Box’, And Much Much More…

Having good writing skills is an asset, but not necessary The truth is, it’s actually ridiculously easy, because you get virtually EVERYTHING you need to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your wildest dreams. It’s time to screech off on the wildest (and richest) ride of your life. Announcing…

Jo Han Mok’s Copywriting Empire 3.0!


  As you continue to read every word of this report, you’ll discover:
  • Exactly what my brand new Copywriting Empire 3.0 program is all about
  • How your bank account will explode and how your life will be transformed as a result of this program
  • Who your potential clients are, and why they’ll be literally ‘begging’ you to work with them
  • How this program is going to work and exactly what you’ll get when you join this program
  • And finally, the time sensitive action you need to do in order to lay your hands on over $4997 worth of FREE moneymaking bonuses
    Let’s start off with what my new Copywriting Empire 3.0 program is all about. This is very much a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-down-to-business program. The objective of this program is two-fold:

“To become an A level, world class copywriter, and to transform your copywriting skills into money with your very own turnkey Internet Direct Response Agency…”

In other words, you’ll be completely immersed in the world of copywriting … developing an “A” game – everything from mastering killer headlines … to laying down great leads and letter copy … to building a professional portfolio … to structuring your freelance business … to lining up clientele … to understanding the mechanics and workings of the direct-response industry. You don’t realize it yet, but by the time you’re done with Copywriting Empire 3.0: You’ll become a skilled writer empowered to compete against — and beat — the very best copywriters in the world. And you’ll get a goldmine of proven strategies for marketing your business and your individual talents and you’ll know exactly how to put together everything you’re learning to build and run a perfectly organized, money-making business of your own. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll:
  • Begin building a solid business in a matter of months, not years
  • Always knowing exactly what to do in any business situation
  • Expanding your business until you have all the work you want
  • Never worrying where your next assignment will come from
  • Always be organized, motivated, and focused
  • Maximize your income, boosting your free time, and minimizing stress
  • Starting and running a business is a strategic, methodical, big-picture undertaking. You’re no longer an employee — you’re the boss.
And I’m not expecting you to take this big step on your own. I’ve done 95% of all the work for you, and will be with you every step of the way. Nothing is left to chance.

Money, Power & Freedom Awaits You!

This is a detailed, easy-to-understand roadmap to making bucketloads of cash from your own successful Internet direct response agency. It’s been created to shine a bright light on a make-or-break part of your writing business that isn’t covered anywhere else. There’s no theory here …just proven, real-world results. So if you’ve ever wanted your own business that offers stunning freedom and outrageous money for very little work… this is gonna to rock your world.

How Much Freedom?

Well, think about it. One of the greatest things about copywriting is that it is a financially valuable skill you’ll have for a lifetime – one where you can decide how to make it serve you best. For me, I LOVE not having to wake up to an alarm clock, and being able to sleep in for as long as I want. If you love getting up early to work, you can do it. If you work best at night, do that instead. If you want to write for three hours or eight hours – the choice is yours. You can operate your business with nothing more than a laptop, or if you so prefer…a pen and a pad of paper. So technically, your office could be anywhere. It could be your kitchen table, your bedroom, a sidewalk café, Starbucks, or even right smack in the middle of a pool. You can take a break whenever you feel like it, stop work whenever you want, or live your life on a permanent vacation. You don’t answer to anyone but yourself. Clients respect your time… and pay you ridiculous sums of cash to write copy that’s EASY for you (once you know the simple shortcuts)… and you decide how much money you want to earn each year. How Much Money? Here are some typical figures. First, beginners start at about $2,500.20 for a typical direct mail sales letter. The industry average is about $6,500.20 for the same type of letter and can go up to $25,000.20 or more! Personally, I charge $25,000.20 plus 5% of the gross sales generated by the letter. By the way, in case you’re wondering why someone would pay you all this money just to write a letter, the answer is simple: They expect that your letter will make THEM a LOT OF MONEY And if you are any good, it will. If you would rather not deal with clients, that’s OK too because then you get to keep ALL the profits – not just 5% of the gross. If your letter produces $1,000,000.20 in sales — if it is your promotion — your typical profit from such a letter could be $300,000.20 to $400,000.20!!! And because you will be writing the letter yourself, you SAVE the $25,000.20 up front fee. Regardless of how you decide to use your new letter writing ability, you will find that you can pretty much have the freedom to live life as you choose. And the best part is, you can do all this without a bunch of employees and high overheads. This is your opportunity to escape the 9-to-5 rat race and all the office politics, unappreciative bosses and skimpy raises that go along with it

You’ll Always Be In Charge!

Once you learn how to turn your copywriting skills into cash, you will never be out of work, no matter where you live, no matter what happens to the economy. You’ll have total “job security.” Since you’re your own boss, you can never be fired. And this we’re just barely scratching the surface here. You’re gonna be far more excited when you discover who your potential clients are, and why they’ll be literally ‘begging’ you to work with them. But first, you might be wondering … with the economy in such dire straits, is there still a need for copywriters? Absolutely.

You’ll Always Be In Demand!

You see, whether sales are up or down, one reality never changes: In the world of direct response, Copy is King. Copy is the engine that drives all great marketing campaigns. Remember this: NOTHING happens until the copy gets written. And that’s the great thing about our industry: Whether the economy’s struggling or flying high, the demand for copywriters will always be there. If you follow my simple instructions… every client you deal with will clearly understand that YOU are the key to their continued success. You’re not just a “vendor”, or some easily-replaceable consultant So despite the current state of the economy and the job losses happening all around us, you can still enjoy the dream lifestyle freelance copywriting affords you. More importantly, you can take control of your personal and financial future at a time when it’s never been more crucial to do so – and never have to wake up in the morning wondering whether your job will be there for you when you get to work. Talk is cheap though, so let’s take a look at the giant markets out there that are desperately willing to shell out the big bucks for people like YOU.

The Mother Of All Markets – The Worldwide Web!

First of all, there’s this giant market known as the Internet. People need copy for: