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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 2019

\'2l8vw4o\' Product Launch Formula is one of those courses well worth going through at least once a year, especially as part of an annual planning phase. Most of the content exists in video, audio and text format (transcripts), so you can consume it in your preferred format. Enjoy. ~CORE MODULES~ MODULE 1 LAUNCH FOUNDATION This is about some of the core elements that make Product Launch Formula so powerful. By the end of this module, you’ll understand the 5 core types of launches (and when to use them), the Sideways Sales Letter, as well as how to use sequences, stories, positioning, and mental triggers to create a great launch. 1 Introduction [4 minutes] 2 Intro to Product Launch Formula [14 minutes] 3 Five Types of Launches [10 minutes] 4 Circle of Awesome [12 minutes] 5 Sequences [11 minutes] 6 Sideways Sales Letter [19 minutes] 7 Launch Conversation [10 minutes] 8 Mental Triggers [17 minutes] 9 The Power of Positioning [7 minutes] 10 The Power of Story [10 minutes] 11 Launch Story Themes [11 minutes] 12 Problem Solution Path [11 minutes] 13 The Alternate Path [4 minutes] MODULE 2 LAUNCH PLAN This module covers setting yourself up for success by creating a strong plan and a clear roadmap to follow for your first launch. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to identify your niche, avatar, assets and goals, plus how to build and warm your list. 1 Introduction [2 minutes] 2 Niche Selection [42 minutes] 3 Customer Avatar [25 minutes] 4 Building Your List [13 minutes] 5 Warming Your Cold List [5 minutes] 6 Asset Identification [20 minutes] 7 Your Goals [10 minutes] 8 Your Launch Goals [9 minutes] 9 Your Launch Success Path [20 minutes] MODULE 3 THE PRE-PRELAUNCH This is an important step that will help you lay the groundwork for your launch. Combined with the Prelaunch, this step is the bread and butter of Product Launch Formula. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to identify what your market wants, craft and refine your offer, and build serious buzz leading into a launch. 1 Introduction [2 minutes] 2 Pre-Prelaunch Strategy [6 minutes] 3 The Pre-Prelaunch Sequence [4 minutes] 4 Identify & Test Your Offer [15 minutes] 5 The Shot Across the Bow [24 minutes] 6 Refining Your Offer [9 minutes] 7 Characteristics of Buzz [11 minutes] 8 Pre-Prelaunch Case Studies [7+15+4 minutes] 9 Pre-Prelaunch Planner [no video] MODULE 4 PRELAUNCH CONTENT Your Prelaunch Content (“PLC”), when done right, helps your potential buyers understand the Opportunity, the Transformation, and the Ownership Experience promised by your product. By the end of this module, you’ll know how create each of these pieces of content, how to get people onto your launch list, and what to mail during your Prelaunch. 1 Introduction [2 minutes] 2 The Prelaunch Sequence [5 minutes] 3 Prelaunch Content 1: The Opportunity [15 minutes] 4 Prelaunch Content 2: The Transformation [14 minutes] 5 Prelaunch Content 3: The Ownership Experience [14 minutes] 6 scripting Your Prelaunch Content [7 minutes] 7 Prelaunch Content Walkthroughs [2 hours 44 minutes] -Nicholas Wilton: Here I walk you step-by-step through the PLC transcripts for Nicholas Wilton’s Launch for his Art2Life course and break it all down for you into the critical components. -Susan Garrett: This is a walkthrough of a super-successful launch by Susan Garrett for one of her dog agility products. She’s in my Platinum Plus mastermind group, and she’s had incredible success, but she came into Product Launch Formula as a COMPLETE newbie with no list and almost no technical skills. -Will Hamilton: This is a walkthrough of an excellent launch by Will Hamilton that did over six figures in sales in a niche market – and these Prelaunch videos are a fantastic example of how to do it right. Please don’t be intimidated by the quality of this launch – it was NOT Will’s first launch. The thing to remember is that he was truly struggling when he first joined PLF. 8 Types of Prelaunch Content [8 minutes] 9 Creating Prelaunch Videos [36 minutes] 10 Creating Other Types of Prelaunch Content [8 minutes] 11 Building Your Launch List [13 minutes] 12 Mailing Your Launch List [20 minutes] 13 Launch Metrics [14 minutes] 14 Building your list during launch [19 minutes] MODULE 5 OPEN CART The Open Cart phase is when you finally start taking orders! By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly what you need at every step of the way, from your Open Cart email sequence to how to script your sales video. 1 Introduction [2 minutes] 2 The Open Cart Sequence [19 minutes] 3 Stoked On Selling [16 minutes] 4 Bonus Strategies [16 minutes] 5 Sales Strategies [19 minutes] 6 Creating Your Sales Video [34 minutes] 7 Sales Video Walkthroughs [128 minutes] 8