Jared Polin Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

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Todd and I are proud to introduce to you…

Our COMPLETE step-by-step system that will show you how to easily transform any video footage into a polished masterpiece, in as little a SINGLE day…

The 9-Hour FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing

This brand new guide is for you if:
You want to learn how to edit video but don’t know where to start
You’ve tried editing before and can’t get the results you want
You have footage gathering dust on your hard drive and you’re too intimidated by editing software to do anything with it
You’re an advanced editor or videographer that wants to see exactly how an award-winning veteran of the film industry creates captivating videos

Justin Reves
Saskatchewan, Canada

“For someone who is self-taught, this would have been so handy when first starting out, but even now, at an intermediate level, there were still a ton of fantastic things I learned.
Jared and Todd always make things easy to listen and follow along, and I really loved that they used all of the projects from the Guide to dSLR Video as it made it even more helpful to see how they got to the finish line on those projects.
I’m inspired to go tell more stories!”

“It’s so informative, in-depth when needed to be, and a must for people who are wanting to get into video editing, and need the info to help them get a step on the ladder.
As predominantly an amateur Rock/Metal photographer with a basic Canon 700D wanting to start blogging alongside my concert photo shoots, the Youtube video editing was invaluable to me, it has shown me confidence to get editing for my channel.”


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Jared Polin Todd Wolfe – FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing
5,50 $
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