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Media buyers, affiliates, and ad agencies who are tired of banned accounts and looking to diversify their ad budget are given the rare opportunity to learn…

Nothing But Natives.

For the first and last time, some of the best native ad buyers will go live and teach you how to successfully and profitably run ads on native.
This is not a course. This is not a replay made to “look” live. These are three live virtual classes with a real Q & A session after each class.
This is for the beginner, the person that has never tried running ads on native and want to do it the right way, the first time.

Am I?

I’m James Van Elswyk
And I love native ads.
I’m the founder of Purple Leads, Purple Ad Lab, and Geek Out Education.
So, why do I love native? Two reasons:
One: native is where I experienced my first big single day of profit ($32,567 to be exact). It has since become a staple platform to run all of my offers, including ecomm and lead gen.
Second reason: It allows me to scale at a high level without feeling stuck on Facebook.
However, native can be tricky to learn. Why?
Because Facebook’s algorithm is smart. Way smart. It knows what it wants and does most of the work for you.
Native wants foreplay. It wants you to get “in the trenches,” test, track, collect data, and then make informed decisions.
Why do you think I train all of my media buyers on native before they even look at a Facebook ad account?
Because once you learn native, you become a better media buyer. Everything else is easy.


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