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Yes! Your hands do hold the keys to an awesome love life.

Jaiya’s 5 DVD series teaches you over 100 techniques from the book each exceptionally executed by three beautiful couples. Imagine the look on your lovers face as you please them to Kingdom come and beyond. Take your sex life into your own hands and touch something you never knew possible.


What are Jaiya’ss Secrets to unbelievable lovemaking?

In this DVD will she will teach you how to use the artistry of touch to heighten pleasure as you move through a variety sexual positions thus turning sexual union into an astonishing adventure. Join three beautiful couples as they play together, showing you how to use your hands for greater stimulation, deeper connection and increased intimacy. Feel the infusion of eroticism as you feast on the pleasure portrayed throughout the visual journey laid before you.

Enjoy the options of Jaiya’s hypnotic voice-over-instruction or a soothing music track.This high quality instructional erotica will change your sex life forever! After all, quality touch is one of the most important secrets to mind-blowing sex.

Onœ I just watched Erotic Touch for Sexual Positions! Awesome! I think you’ve created something very special. different from anything I’ve seen. A beautiful, unique blend of Teaching and Art. sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, fun, and Love. Thank you!- Mike, Knoxville TN


Yes! You can give your partner an unforgettable sensual experience!

Ignite passion and arousal in your lover as you learn how to touch, kiss, and awaken the erogenous zones of the body. Turn not tonight, honey into a Yes! Yes! Please! Again!Not only will you learn the simple artistry of pleasurable trance-inducing-touch, but you will also enjoy the sensual visuals of this DVD that are infused with the energy of full body pleasure.

You have the option of listening to the voice-over-instruction of somatic-sex-expert Jaiya, or a hypnotic music track. The three beautiful couples on this DVD show you a range of beautiful connections and experience. This DVD is a sensualist a must!

Thank you so much for making this DVD! My husband started giving me these massages without pressuring me to have sex. now we are making love again after two years with no physical intimacy I cant thank you enough.- Alice


Discover untold pleasures!
Now you can learn revolutionary techniques from some of the most beautiful anal touch ever filmed. This high quality work of sensual instruction will teach you how to give exquisite anal pleasure. Watch either a lesson for men (includes milking of the prostate) or women (g-spot through the anus). You’ll love the bonus features that show you how to ignite the erogenous zones of the derriere and prepare for anal massage.
This educational film has a magical way of helping you and/or your lover feel more comfortable with anal touch by giving you permission to say “yes!” You will not only learn how to give anal pleasure but also how to fully receive. Discover new levels of intimacy and experience amazing pleasure both inside and out.


What are the erotic massage techniques that will have him melting beneath your fingertips and moaning for more?

Jaiya reveals her secrets in this exquisitely filmed DVD that gives you over 20 touch techniques to take him into a prolonged state of arousal and into pleasure he never knew possible. These techniques can be erotically playful all on their own or combined with lovemaking for a wondrous experience. Imagine him writhing beneath the power of your touch and feeling more connected to you than ever before.

Watch with music only or listen to the hypnotic voice over instruction by somatic sex expert Jaiya. And dont leave yourself out; this DVD is perfect when combined with Genital Massage for Women.

Onœ Last night I surprised my husband with what I learned from your Genital Massage for Men DVD. I set up the room with candles, pictures of us, chimes and raw organic coconut oil. This morning, I walked in the door to him saying with bliss and love in his heart, once I am married to you. You are amazing.He is in a state of bliss; beaming from ear to ear, saying thank you and giving me juicy appreciation hugs and kisses. I told him, Once I did not think you could be any happier. I guess I was wrong. He belly laughed and blushed. -Jennifer Gilbert, Greenville SC


Imagine your satisfaction as she says Oh, my GOD- That was phenomenal! I have always wanted to be touched like that!

What is the secret to giving her the touch she wants and needs? Watch and learn precise ways to master over 20 techniques that blend vulva massage, clitoral stimulation, and g-spot pleasure. Plus, you will learn ways to strengthen your connection to her and build sexual trust for deeper, longer lasting orgasms and maybe even female ejaculation. Learning will come easy for you as you watch 3 couples demonstrate each technique along with optional voice over instruction by Somatic Sex Expert Jaiya. Or feast your eyes on the aroused and beautifully filmed female genitals as you listen to the trancelike soundtrack. Perfect for anyone who loves to pleasure a woman!

Onœ My new partner has told me many times how “easy” it is for her to be with me, how I seem very confident yet not arrogant in any way, and how we both seem so comfortable to be ourselves with each other. That was not a likely quick outcome before I hope that hearing of these changes, all positive, all very personal, all very meaningful, will make you happy to see how much your teaching and how much you personally have impacted my life and my life’s satisfaction Nick, Columbus Ohio

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Jaiya – Red Hot Touch
5,50 $
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