Jackson Zaccaria – The TikTok Academy

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What You Get:


Self-paced 2-3 month course to find your style, build a tight audience, and start signing customers and clients.



In 6 weeks or less, you’ll learn the roadmap on how myself and other students are leveraging TikTok to turn followers into clients FASTER than any other platform. 

From finding a niche, creating an offer from SCRATCH, selling through content (without being the grimy salesman)…I’ve got you.



1. Organically convert followers into clients at scale without compromising who you are.

2. Use TikTok content to add thousands of followers to your social media footprint without having to wait until 2022!

3. Nail your unique TikTok niche and paid coaching offer so you become the GO TO creator.



Phase 1: Clarity


Here you’ll lay the foundation for your successful career as a TTE (Tiktentrepreneur). Includes rewiring your mindset, identifying your end-offer, and designing your niche.



Phase 2: Optimization


Here we lay the necessary groundwork to prepare your posts + profile to have a targeted & widened reach.



Phase 3: Content Creation


It’s time to create engaging, relatable, and converting TikTok content that both resonates with your audience and allows you to sell on autopilot. Learn exactly how to create community-building content within your niche, while never missing a sale.



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Jackson Zaccaria – The TikTok Academy
5,50 $
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