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In Modern Day Sexual Man you will learn how to find many of women’s arousal triggers, new sex positions, and some hypnosis techniques.

You’ll also discover that, “Sex is about exploring another human being’s mind, body, and energy by building intimacy and a strong emotional connection through vulnerability”

Hypnotica is a pioneer in dating, sex, and relationship coaching. He was one of the earliest members of the seduction community

The first contact with Hypnotica is in the fast track video, where he explains the content of the 8 modules, and claims we will feel like a sexual superstar after the program, with the tools to please a woman and have an amazing sex life.

The foundations of this claim lie in increasing your sex drive and energy, so women can feel attracted to you and stay around. Ways to boost your sexual energy and prevent erectile dysfunction are to have a healthy lifestyle, of course, because excess weight, smoking, anxiety and low stamina are not sexy.

Hypnotica’s more thorough protocol to build sexual energy in yourself and women is proven to work, and he frames it in an interesting discovery mindset that will help you stop masturbating, among other things.

Modern Day Sexual Man Contents:

Module 1: Getting Your Head Right

Sexuality is deeply moral in our society and can be caught in restraining inherited belief systems. However, men need to understand that their sexual energy is theirs alone. To fully experience it, men need to reclaim control and ask themselves what they want to do with it: have sex and kids only in marriage or experience all its possible pleasures with multiple partners? Reading this, I guess you aim for the latter.

Women crave men who open them up sexually and this can be done by sexually free men without moral issues, who respect women, and have the courage to lead and explore in bed.

This discovery mindset will help you focus elsewhere than on performance and orgasm, get rid of anxiety, and start having fun leading women in the discovery of their bodies.

Module 2 – Foreplay

Foreplay is a mind game, and it works because our brains are our biggest sex tool. This module does not teach how to pick up women, it teaches why they come back with proper priming. Examples of styles like “the unpredictable” and “the giver” could separate you from other men, and maybe make women fantasize about you. This module could help you if you’re afraid to talk about sex outside the bedroom.

Module 3 – Hands

First keep them clean and lubricated if necessary. Second, specific techniques are described and easy to understand even in audio format. Pressure points, speed, hands position, and awareness to her response: all is there to help you please your partner. Some interesting techniques even include your thumb and nose. This module will help you discover some of women’s erotic triggers.

Module 4 – Giving Oral

This module’s emphasis is also on your partner’s pleasure. It contains a lot of techniques you’ll need to review once or twice while experimenting. They are very detailed even without pictures, and those that require making sounds are properly recorded. This module will help you give new sensations to your partner, it’s interesting if you’re unsure how to give great oral sex.

If you’re adventurous, you could also try some hypnotic post-orgasm techniques to foster this state of mind and body, which are an interesting and unique feature of Hypnotica’s teachings.

Module 5 – Receiving Oral

In this module Hypnotica gives techniques with food and sweet talk that could change the negative association of your penis in her mouth to a positive one. The proposed goal is to develop her sexual self-esteem, while communicating what you like and want in an assertive but respectful way.

Module 6 – Vaginal

This module aims to teach you about rhythm, tempo, variations, and some unique sexual positions. There are obviously less communication techniques in this module, and more “bam bam bam!” Hypnotica refers to external videos from his YouTube channel for more information and visuals.This module is interesting for men who want to try new positions.

Module 7 – Anal

Anal pleasure is more complex to achieve in your sexual life than vaginal or oral, but this module can guide you. You’ll learn that most women can experience anal pleasure and orgasms with the proper relaxation and conditioning techniques. You could become the only man who does it right for her if you have the right attitude. You’ll also learn about benefits of butt plugs, good hygiene, going slowly, and the squeezing technique.

Module 8 – Penis Performance

Here Hypnotica talks about your penis and how to improve your erection and control your ejaculation. He gives interesting advice to help you stick to Kegel exercises. This module could help men who masturbate to porn redirect their energy towards their partner.


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Hypnotica – Modern Day Sexual Man
5,50 $
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