How To Seal The Deal - Stirling Cooper

A Tactical Guide to Getting Laid on the First Date:

An Exclusive Reveal on the Timeless Wisdom, Lost to the Sands of Time – For How to Date, Escalate & Close the Deal With Sex For Any Women You’re Seeing!

In the dating scene today a lot of men are making some fundamental mistakes when they take women on dates, mistakes that are dramatically impacting their ability to “seal the deal” at the end of the night. While dating coaches today teach men a lot of high level concepts and psychological principles that help them build stronger happier relationships with women, they aren’t teaching them the nuts and bolts of how to get laid more often from the matches they get on dating, from the numbers they get at the bar, from the connections they make online and this is leaving guys frustrated. In this book I teach you all the tactical information that men need to know in order to 10x their close rate on the first date. I’m going to teach you how to set the date up properly to begin with, how to smoothly transition the interaction back to your place and how to escalate effectively towards sex once you’re there.


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