Hayley Quinn – Second Date Blueprint

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The Second Date Blueprint is a Unique Course to Teach You How to Get a Second Date with Her.

You will learn:

    What message to send to her after the first date (detailed proven example messages included)

    The surprising reasons why she didn’t want a second date with you

    How to show that you are a ‘selector’ and only interested in women you connect with.

    When and how should you suggest taking her home with you?

Course Outline:

    Why no second date?

    What is she thinking?

    What to text her

    Planning The Date

    Conversations that connect with her

    Selecting her

    Taking her back to your house.

    Moving the relationship forwards

    Thank You

She was smiling the whole evening, you thought the date was going well, and then she disappeared after the first date. After hearing from so many guys that they could never get a second date with a woman they liked, I have designed this course specifically to tackle the reasons why you didn’t get a second date (even after you thought the date went well) and give you an action plan to get that all important second date.

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Hayley Quinn – Second Date Blueprint
5,50 $
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