Gene Morris Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0

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I’m a performance marketer who generates inbound phone call leads for businesses nationwide.
I’ve been in the pay per call industry since 2016 and have been successfully generating 6-figures a year, using the strategies I teach in this course. 

I am also an internal media buyer for Palo Media Group and ex-account manager.
My goal is to teach you how to earn a comfortable living in pay per call.
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Interested In Pay Per Call But Not Sure Where To Start? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Pay per call blueprint is a relatively simple marketing strategy for launching pay per call campaigns using Google Ads.
There is more to succeeding in pay per call than just being able to launch a campaign.
You need to know:

  • What offers work best and when to run them.
  • What best practices will get you approved by most networks
  • How to deliver quality calls without over-spending on traffic
  • How to leverage networks to get the best offers available.
  • How to launch a campaign fast.


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Gene Morris Pay Per Call Blueprint 2.0
5,50 $
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