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Jordan Menard

  • Media Buying Systems for Scale


Chase Harmer & Jordan Menard

  • Make up to 2% back on every $ spent on payments


Van Oakes

  • Snapchat Giveaway Model for Any Brand


Savannah Sanchez

  • Snapchat Strategies and Content That Scales


Lindsey Shearer

  • Pinterest Launch and Structure for Success


John Martin

  • Pinterest Scaling and a New Way To Buy Media


Taylor Hendrickson

  • The Godfather Offer


Nick Shackelford

  • Creative That Converts and The Why Behind It


Yahav Hartman

  • Media Buying A Better Way With Madgicx


Jason Portnoy

  • Finding Success During A Pandemic


Vincent Beima

  • Google Ads for E-com


Ian M Nagy

  • Youtube For E-Com


Gorgias & Pilot House

  • Gorgias&PilotHouse


DFO (David Stellato)

  • DFO Global


Sebastian Barale

  • Information Based Decision Making


Justin Christensen

  • CRO For E-Com


Amelia Blackwell

  • Email and Design Philosophy 2


Brandon Monaghan

  • Transactional Content insights in 2020


Rich Schefren

  • Online Hyper Growth


Colin Mcguire

  • 4 x 4 Framework on How Brands are Built


James Van Elswyk

  • Hiring And Training Media Buying Teams


Justin Goff & Stefan Georgi

  • Justin Goff Stefan Georgi – Funnel Copy and AOV Improvements


Daniel Javor

  • SEO for E-com


Matt Smith

  • Snapchat



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