Flow Fundamentals 2.0 – Flow Genom Project

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Join a course that teaches simple methods to play at the top of your game

For many of us, the biggest challenge in life is getting ahead while still enjoying the ride. Too often, life, work and responsibility weigh us down, and we lose track of what makes us come most alive.

It’s like a “Zero to Hero” training program, but for your whole life—this means more productivity, enjoyment and output. It’s practical, experimental and experiential. You learn a new idea about training Flow, you apply it in your life, you see what happens, and you make it your own.

This is a growing movement of thousands of students who have taken Flow Fundamentals, become flow hackers and taken charge of their work and lives.

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Flow Fundamentals 2.0 – Flow Genom Project Contents: Pdfs, Videos


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Flow Fundamentals 2.0 – Flow Genom Project
5,50 $
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