Dr Tom O’Bryan – The Woman’s Vitality Summit (April 3-9, 2017)

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For The CONSCIOUS Lover Who Is Ready To MASTER Their Sex Life…
The Most Enlightening & Pleasurable Path To Sexual & Spiritual Fulfillment

If you…

Wish to experience explosive orgasms, deeper connected sex, and more intimacy…
Have ever felt unfulfilled or experience a lack of desire when you felt like you should have…
Wish you could understand yourself, your shadow, and what’s holding you back…
Feel your fears, insecurities, and guilt arise in bed rather than your pleasure…
Feel inadequate about your “performance” or short-comings…
Are looking for somebody who loves you for who you are, rather than forces a dogma via fear or punishment…

Then “Holistic Sex” will help you…

Discover and learn to satisfy your (and your partner’s) basic intimate needs – what we really want, not just what we think or say we do
Experience more pleasure, feel better, evoke higher arousal, and achieve orgasms easier
Learn how to develop deeper connections and form stronger bonds (or purposely know how not to!)
Finally open yourself to real, authentic, true love – causing you to attract (and become attractive to) higher quality lovers
Break free of your dogma, and achieve the freedom to fully express your desires and kinks (even remove the obstacles to dirty talk)
Learn secret sexual wisdom; the most advanced and complete sexual theories and concepts to achieve mastery of your sex life
Find the TRUE path to sexual enlightenment, and achieve spiritual fulfillment along with animalistic satisfaction

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Drew Gerald – Holistic Sex Contents: Audios, Video, Pdfs


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Dr Tom O’Bryan – The Woman’s Vitality Summit (April 3-9, 2017)
5,50 $
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