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The Key to Feminine Attraction, Attachment, and Passion

What Is Positive Emotional Tension?

I had the most amazing revelation after a run on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, spring 2008. I’m not sure where the insight came from, but when it hit me, it almost blew my mind.

The “aha” of that moment made almost every question I’d ever had about women – as a single and married man – crystal clear.

Here it is.

Women have to experience emotional tension to feel attraction and attachment to a man.

That’s it.

In that moment, everything became clear. Everything I’d ever done wrong with women. Everything I’d ever done right with women (but didn’t know why). Everything women had ever done that made absolutely no sense to me at the time.

I was so immediately blown away, I ran back to my room and wrote eleven legal pages of notes on how to apply this information.

Here are the basics:

For a woman to be attracted to a man, she has to feel emotional tension with him (which often gets translated into physical and sexual tension).

Check out a few chick-flicks to see what I’m talking about.

For a woman to remain attached to a man, she has to regularly feel emotional tension with him.

All this is basically the opposite of what most men believe about attracting and keeping a woman. That’s why what most men do is wrong and leads to unending frustration for both them and women.

It became clear to me why single men fail to create attraction with women by being “nice.”

It became clear to me why many women in relationship lose sexual desire for their partner over time (and start nagging, complaining, withdrawing, getting fat, etc.).

That day changed my life. The information I will share with you in this workshop will change yours as well.

In this four-week online course, we will uncover and apply the principles of PET.

    If you are single, it will change how you relate to every woman you meet.

    If you are in relationship, it will transform you and the woman you love.

    And whether you’re single or in a relationship, it will improve your sex-life times X.

I will teach you how to create PET, not as a technique, but as a way of inviting a woman into a deep connection with you.

Whether you’re single and want to learn how to create instant attraction with women, or in a long-term relationship that has lost it’s spark, this course will transform your life.

No more trying to please women. No more groveling for sex. No more feeling frustrated. No more wondering, “What did I do wrong?” No more pondering, “Why did she do that?”

What You Will Learn

    Why it’s essential for women to feel emotional tension to experience attraction and attachment to a man.

    How men fail to create emotional tension.

    How men kill what tension does exist.

    How positive and negative emotional tension differ.

    How to stop being “nice” and seeking women’s approval.

    Why women use “shit tests,” and why you should view them as invitations for sex.

    How to pass a woman’s shit tests.

    How to set the tone and take the lead with women.

    How to stay out of the friend zone.

    How to create instant and overpowering PET and attraction with a woman the first time you meet her.

    What you can do daily to maintain PET and attachment in a LTR.

    How to practice the Three Rules for Great Sex.

    How to stop pleasing women.

    Why trying to make a woman happy always fails (and actually makes her unhappy).

    What feminine drama means.

    Why you should never try to get an unavailable woman to be available or try to get an unaroused woman aroused.

    Why women cheat.

    Why women do things that make no sense to you.

    How to avoid ever taking personally anything a woman does.

    Why a woman’s complaining, criticizing, or fault-finding is an invitation to connect with her more deeply.

After completing this course you will not only understand the deep principles of emotional tension and its effect on women, but you will also have a confident grasp of the application of these principles.

P.E.T. Lessons

1. What is emotional tension and why do women need it (for attraction, attachment, and passion)?

2. Why do you fail to create emotional tension and how do you kill it when it does exist?

3. Why women create negative emotional tension (and why you should view it as an invitation for deeper connection)?

4. Powerful strategies for creating attraction, attachment, and passion in women.

Every lesson will present multiple strategies for creating and maintaining positive emotional tension.

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Dr. Robert Glover – Positive Emotional Tension
5,50 $
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