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Doberman Dan – Letter


“The ONLY Way Left For The Little Guy

To Get Rich!”

Reclusive million dollar serial entrepreneur giving away his jealously guarded secrets for making 6-figures (or more!) per year… while living the lifestyle of your dreams!

Dear Friend,

I want you to ask yourself a very important question:

Are you SERIOUSLY ready to double or triple your current income… almost overnight?

I certainly hope so because you’re about to discover some rather unique ways to make money and, quite possibly, triple or even quadruple your current income… very quickly.

But believe me, you better be ready… because this is something that can make money flood into your life like never before.

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’m Doberman Dan. I’m an online marketer, copywriter and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been starting and running successful direct response businesses since 1995.

A few of the businesses started on my kitchen table with nothing but a yellow note pad and pen have grown into mini empires, supporting me in style for decades.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked in a lot of different markets. My work has appeared in…

Entrepreneur… Penthouse… MuscleMag International… National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA)… Flex… Success… The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association Trade Magazine (IHRSA)… Muscle & Fitness… Men’s Edge… IronMan… Black Belt Magazine… Muscular Development… Reps! Exercise For Men Only… Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness… Martial Arts Professional Magazine… Small Business Opportunities… Home Business Magazine… The National Enquirer… Weekly World News… And a whole bunch of mainstream newspapers.

It’s likely you’ve never heard of me though. I’ve been content to keep a pretty low profile and remain behind the scenes. (Ted Thomas, the successful real estate investing mogul and direct mail multi-millionaire, jokingly calls me a “direct marketing recluse.”)

Except for being a featured speaker at a couple of seminars put on by the legendary copywriter Gary Halbert, I’ve never tried to promote myself, self-aggrandize and do all that chest-beating nonsense necessary to be a player in the overcrowded “guru” market.

Long story short:

I’m going to give you a few cool surprises when you take advantage of a trial subscription to my “paper & ink” newsletter…

The Doberman Dan Letter!

I’ve been writing a free blog for several years at… but I refuse to share my most effective hard-core money-making secrets there.

See, I don’t want my most effective secrets indexed by Google for all the world to see. I only want to reveal THAT to like-minded doers who “get it”, understand its value and will take action.

So now, all my very best and most effective secrets are reserved exclusively for subscribers to my new hard copy newsletter, The Doberman Dan Letter.

Each issue is like having money-making opportunities practically knock on your door. All you have to do is answer.

I’m pouring my heart and soul into my newsletter… and sharing EVERYTHING I’ve discovered about success in business and life in my 20 years as a direct response & Internet entrepreneur.

And that includes all the embarrassing stuff I’d rather NOT share… and have never revealed before.

Even though I’d rather not, I’ll endure all the embarrassment, criticism and ridicule I’ll be subjected to by revealing this stuff.

You see, I know my most private and humbling experiences are going to be the most life-changing… and in some cases, life-SAVING lessons for you.

You’re going to get a very personal look into my daily life… and an almost “real time” education about what’s working right NOW in direct response and Internet marketing to make maximum money FAST.

I’m going to let you look over my shoulder as I implement these secrets and techniques in my own businesses, clients’ businesses… and my various new money-making projects.

The “Behind The Scenes”

Results Of Everything!

Base hits, grand slam home runs… and the disappointing and embarrassing strikeouts… I’m going to reveal it ALL to you… almost right as it’s happening.

I don’t think you’re ever going to get a more honest and “open book” look into a highly experienced marketer’s thought process and actions.

If you own a business (ANY kind of business)… or you’re someone who’d simply like to make a lot of money very, very fast…

Just One Idea From One Issue

Could Make You MILLIONS!

Here’s just a small SAMPLE of what I’m going to reveal in The Doberman Dan Letter…

3 very simple-to-implement techniques that can very easily boost your sales by 200%… and therefore your NET by 400%! Most businesses have at least three very large “holes” hemorrhaging money like a stuck pig. Here’s how to identify the “holes” where you’re losing money and opportunities… and how to quickly plug them to boost your bottom line. Want to beat your current control? You’ll discover three little “tweaks” to pump up response and get that puppy singing its little heart out at concert pitch… bringing in sales and profits like never before. (It takes all of 10 minutes!) What I did to take a little “kitchen table” business from a $2,000/month “side venture”… to $90,000/month cash cow. And it only required a few hours each week to keep it going and raking in money hand over fist. (More importantly, you’ll discover all the major “boo-boos” I made that have cost me MILLIONS.) You’re going broke FAST… and you don’t even know it. (Even if you have MILLIONS of dollars.) Here’s what you must do right now to preserve your wealth… Experiencing the typical “Internet Marketing overwhelm”? Here’s what to do when you don’t know what to do. (Confusion and “overwhelm” will never again “hamstring” you and keep you from making progress.) How to get orders from people who have already decided NOT to order… How to get full-page ads in high-circulation magazines… for FREE! (Almost NONE of the successful Internet marketers are on to this secret yet.)

But let me warn you:

These letters are RAW. I don’t pull any punches… and nobody has ever accused me of being politically correct.

I simply don’t have time for “chaff”. These letters are all wheat. They contain the most intense personal stuff I’ve ever revealed.

It took me a long time to make up my mind to publish and release them… but no one has ever really accused me of playing it too safe.

There’s simply no doubt about it… this is THE newsletter for people who want to learn the real secrets of low-cost, high profit money-making opportunities & online marketing.

Every month I’ll give you unique insider info and money-making strategies you will NEVER read in any other publication in the entire world.

Things like…

An ARSENAL of salesman’s tricks most copywriters don’t even know exist… How to use a simple 36 word pay-per-click ad to bring in $37 for every dollar you invest… How to create “instant credibility” that practically FORCES people to believe your claims… Are you seriously ready to double or triple your income almost overnight? Do this and you very well could DOUBLE your sales… in only 30 days! (But believe you me, you better be ready… because this is one promotion that will make people FLOOD into your business.) An unusual technique to discover what your customers really want. (If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re allowing an enormous amount of money — that should be yours — to flow into someone else’s pocket.) Why your back-end may be 1000 times more profitable than your initial sales… and what to do to take advantage of it right now… How to write your copy so it “talks the talk” your most skeptical prospects need to hear before they buy…

That’s a “sneak peek” at just a HANDFUL of the many exciting lessons I’m going to dole out to you every month in The Doberman Dan Letter.

The Doberman Dan Letter is the “must-have” insider newsletter for…

Online marketers… Offline direct response marketers… Sales professionals… Mail order or catalog business owners… Copywriters… Direct mailers… List brokers… Any kind of consultant… Advertising agencies… Brick & mortar business owners… Professionals… Service business owners… Any business owner that needs more customers and higher profits… Or ANYBODY who has a sincere desire to make a lot of money quickly…

I want you to SEE FOR YOURSELF the value of this rare opportunity… and experience FIRST HAND the quantum leaps in income and growth you can achieve as soon as you discover the missing pieces to your own “success puzzle.”

A very important part of my back-story… and how I discovered the missing pieces to my personal success puzzle was the time I spent mentoring and working with copywriting legend, Gary Halbert.

Gary used to say he would only share his highest of high-level hard-won secrets with a HANDFUL of people he felt were TRULY ready for it… and would only use them for good, never evil.

And before he would reveal these secrets, you would have to strip down to your swim trunks and wade out into the ocean with him until you were neck deep in the water. (That was to make sure you weren’t wearing a “wire.”)

Well, after living and working with the man… and completely gaining his trust… I did exactly that. And just like he promised…

A New Piece Of High Converting Copy

For Your Your Swipe File!

Many of these swipe pieces will be sales copy… but not just any sales copy. I’m only going to share copy that is currently a control, a control beater or has been a very strong control in the past.

And since I know everybody in this business… from the little minnows all the way up to BILLION dollar whales… I have access to secrets about copywriting you’d most likely never discover without me.

In addition to giving you successful sales copy to study and save in your swipe file, I’m going to do a video analysis of each piece. I’ll break down the format, elements and explain all the reasons why the writer included what he or she wrote. And any ideas I might have to improve it.

It’s a value-packed lesson in persuasive writing every single month. If you’ll simply follow along and do what I tell you…

This One Thing Alone

Could Make You MILLIONS!

No exaggeration. No hype. It’s THAT powerful.

If you take full advantage of my monthly newsletter, webinars, membership site and frequent bonus materials posted on our Knights-Only website, this Marketing Camelot can be your master key to quantum leaps in income and plateau-busting “A-HA” moments.

My consulting fee is now $2,000.00 per hour. With the time invested creating the newsletter, hosting the monthly webinar and creating the bonus materials for the private website, you’re getting at least 20 hours of my time and attention every month. That’s…

$60,000.00 Worth Of Consulting

You Get Every Month!

If you’re truly serious about making a lot of money, becoming a knight in my Marketing Camelot can be your own personal “passport to prosperity.”

Knighthood in the Marketing Camelot… and all the valuable benefits that go with it… is only $98/month. ($108/month outside of North America.)

That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only…

$3.26 A Day!

Heck, I’ve seen homeless people spend TWICE that much on their daily coffee and cigarettes, for crying out loud!

There’s simply NO excuse whatsoever for not getting in on this. It’s within EVERYBODY’S budget.

If it’s not in your budget right now then you have a pretty big problem. But it’s a problem you can solve… and solve pretty damn fast… with just one idea you’ll get from your Marketing Camelot knighthood.

If you don’t have the $98 right now… do what I did:

Sell your TV, cancel your cable and get rid of your time-sucking, attention-span-robbing $100/month smart phone. That stuff isn’t doing anything positive for your future. In fact, the ONLY thing it’s doing is keeping you imprisoned in a poverty mindset that will keep you broke your entire life.

Look, if you’re TRULY serious about being successful you’ll stop pissing away your money on worthless consumer B.S. and invest it in YOURSELF instead. That investment will give you EXPONENTIAL returns year after year… for the rest of your life.

Tough talk, huh? Yup. But a real winner knows…

You Can Make Excuses Or You Can Make Money…

But You Can’t Do Both!

Stop making excuses, choose to make money instead and join me now as a knight in my Marketing Camelot. In the unlikely event you decide I’m not your cup of tea, you can cancel your knighthood at any time.